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Minutes of Committee Meeting



Present: Jan Wilkie (JW), David Williamson (DW), Jensen Newton (JN), Thomas S L Stevenson (TSLS), Doug Laidlaw (DL), Stephen Dobbin (SD), David Stevenson (DS), Andrew Joyce (AJ)

Apologies: Deborah Ferris (DF)

Minutes taken by: TSLS



  1. Minutes of previous meeting

  2. Events

  3. Websites/IT

  4. Garrison Motorhome Site

  5. MHAL

  6. Garrison House repairs

  7. Public toilets

  8. West Lodge & Garrison grounds

  9. Closing remarks



Minutes from last meeting approved by DS, seconded by DW.



JW asked that were she not available, if any other directors were available to attend Cumbrae Community Council meetings.


The Board were notified of a request to make use of space within the Grounds for the erection of a gazebo, to give out literature on the topic of Child Bereavement on Garrison grounds.
The Board agreed that they would like examples of the literature handed out before allowing this to go ahead.


The Board were informed that the Transport Engagement session went well and the EcoSavvy meeting had been postponed.



The Board decided to have a dedicated meeting at a later date to discuss website and IT issues further, due to their desire to update the current websites to a modern standard. It was discussed whether the HIE funding could be used for either training TSLS, paying someone to deliver said training to update the site or hiring outside contractors.

The Board elected to look at an in-house solution before going to outside contractors.



The Board discussed at length the levelling work done on the Motorhome Site. It was decided that several of the directors would view the site and confer with the contractor regarding the Board’s vision for the site.


  1. MHAL

The Board discussed the new housekeeper for the Holiday Apartments, and his induction to be done by Bob Campbell prior to his full retirement.

The Board were notified of the purchase of mobile phones for business use.



There was discussion regarding the Arch-1 Report from Historic Environmental Scotland and the necessary repairs to the Garrison House. The Board were updated on the progress of the funding and alerted to the possibility that more funding may be required.


The SIS loan agreement was presented to the Board. The Board read and were happy to approve the agreement.


The Board discussed further grant possibilities and discussed the potential to hire outside accounting services.

The Board agreed that they would like a clerk of works to be hired to oversee Garrison repairs as the Board members themselves could not function in that capacity.


The Board were notified of the progressing work on the Millport moorings.



The Board discussed the repair work to the public toilets in the various locations operated by CCDC due to vandalism or regular wear and tear.

The Board agreed to Stevie Muir’s request for the Board to consider putting up noticeboard at the Crocodile Rock toilets for public information purposes that he would take responsibility for updating.

There was extended discussion on the Fintry Bay toilet block.




JW has a tenant to rent Michael’s office in April, but no rental figures agreed. She asked if The Board could come up with potential figures for that & other spaces in the West Lodge.

The Board agreed upon a base figure.


It was brought up that if all of the West Lodge was rented out, storage solutions were required.

DS proposed potential solution, clad containers, and offered to get more information if required.


DW proposed clad containers to be used as ablution block for motorhome site near the area of the site, as a mid-term alternative to hiring a Portakabin.


The Board discussed contacting NAC in relation to the Dance Hall and D. A. Hall and possible plans, upon completion of the Town Hall renovations, for development of the grounds.




DW, DL to meet with contractor for GMS levelling work on 6/4/22.

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