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Minutes of Committee Meeting


Thursday 6th April 2021 at 7pm.







  1.  Minutes

  2.  Better Places Green Recovery Fund & NAVT Funding

  3.  West Lodge

  4.  NHS flooring

  5.  Public Toilets

  6.  MHAL

  7.  AGM

  8.  Events 2021

  9.  Town Hall – Bin Store

Due to coronavirus restrictions this meeting was held via ZOOM: 



1. Minutes

David Williamson offered to be note /minute taker for this evening’s meeting


2. Better Places Green Recovery Fund

JW made the Board aware of the above-mentioned fund which could support for this summer period, additional staff, particularly relevant at weekends, as we come out of Covid-19 restrictions. Jan will try to apply before the closing date.

Jan also brought the Board up to date with possible NAVT funding, over a 2-to-3-year period which could create an additional, administrative staff post based on a 15 – 20-hour week, mornings only and when required, would work over weekends.

3. West Lodge

Estimate for conversion to accommodation for families with members who are wheelchair bound/disabled which would comprise of a lounge or lounge/kitchen, two times double bedrooms and wet room would be approx. £50,000. Any application for the creating of such accommodation does not incur planning fees.


4. NHS Flooring

As only one quotation received with two declines, we agreed to proceed with acceptance of the single quotation


5. Public Toilets

Crock Rock - Due to the excellent finish to the toilet block, it was agreed that we will review the option of Charity bricks/tiles in 12 months.

We await an update from NAC in relation to our CAT Application.

Fintry Toilets- Due to open on 26th April but if no water supply available then they will remain closed for Health & Safety reasons.

It was agreed that as well as the installation of contactless entry system at Croc Rock we will use     Calor Gas Funding towards the installation of, along with the coin pays, card reader facilities, at Bomb Shelter, Cumbrae Slip and West Bay toilet blocks. Fintry is not an option as there is no electricity supply to the block.

Jan made the Board aware that Stephen McNair had spoken with her about the possibility of creating a cubicle within the Bomb Shelter offering adult changing facilities. If funding can be sourced by Stephen and his partner Eryn, the Board were happy to support such a project and JW to discuss further with Stephen and Eryn.


SD added that he had been asked by a member of the community about the possibility of the installation of a ramp, into the GH grounds at the NE entrance on the corner of Bute Terrace and College Street, for easier access to the astro-turf. Jan is to speak with NAC and get costs from them, if applicable, any permissions required and contractor costs for the work to be conducted.


 6. MHAL

 8, Quayhead Close painting will commence w/c 12th April


7. AGM

Discussion took place re. our AGM being held on Zoom as it is unclear when we will have the opportunity to hold an actual meeting and have our members attend in person. – To be discussed further


8.  Events

General discussion took place and as there are still so many unknowns: will NAC be issuing Events Licences / will attendees have to take Covid – 19 Tests before entering grounds / how will that be policed/ will organisers of events be able to cope with increased insurance costs etc., it was decided the Board will review, and hope to be able to decide at the next Board Meeting, when hopefully more information from Scottish Government etc., is available.


9.  Town Hall – Bin Store

DS explained to the Board that Graham Wallace has spoken with him in relation to the proposed area for a shared bin store between GH and the Town Hall.


 The TH committee have already had official plans drawn up, but discussions are required to confirm the location, as initially decision made by our Board was ‘in principle.’  JW offered to resend the e-mail trail re. this matter to the Board and arrange a site meeting to review with those of our directors available and Graham Wallace. – The Board were happy with that.


There being no further matters the meeting closed at 9pm

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