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Minutes of Committee Meeting


Monday 13th December 2021 




1.  Note /minute taker 

2.  Previous minutes approval

3.  Garrison House and grounds

4.  MHAL


 Due to coronavirus restrictions this meeting was held via ZOOM.


 Attendees: DF / DS / SD / DW / DL / AJ & JW


1. Note - minute taker

David Williamson offered to be note /minute taker for meeting


2. Previous meeting Minutes

Minutes of meeting held 23.11.21 Approved by SD and Seconded by DF



3a) Café Lease

Discussions continue between both parties with the aim of a lease in place by 1st March 2022.



The committee’s secretary to be updated on where we are in relation to repairs required to MMRC Huts and discuss setting a date for a meeting in early 2022.


c) Garrison grounds – west of Library

The Board confirmed that they were happy for this area of ground to be levelled over 2022 / 2023 period.




d) Garrison House opening hours and staffing over Christmas period

JW informed the Board that the Café would be closing, after service, on Friday 17th December 2021. The Café will remain closed for January as refurbishment is carried out in kitchen & counter areas also painting etc., in seating area.

Library to be closed from 12 noon on 18th December 2021 and re-open on Friday 7th January 2022.

JW has arranged staffing to cover for alarm checks over Christmas period and to assist with Motorhome bookings over this time. Office phone to be diverted to JW’s mobile from 20th December 2021 – 4th January 2022 inc.



The Board agreed that painting, externally at 8 Quayhead should proceed as per the quote provided to help address the issue of salt ingress etc., due to the property’s location. Work likely to take place late January – end February, weather permitting.


Board made their choice on contractor to be used for internal painting required within our seven apartments, as part of the winter maintenance programme. JW to inform accordingly and arrange dates.


General discussion took place about further upgrades required, including shower rooms, which were put on-hold due to Covid.  We await a revised quote for upgrade of shower room in Jura which will have an effect on funds available to carry out upgrading of shower rooms in other apartments.


JW also brought up the matter of Wi-Fi in the apartments and asked if the Board were happy for her to make enquiries into costings, as last investigated prior to Covid. The Board were happy for this to happen.






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