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Present: TSLS, JW, DS, DF, JN, DW, SD

Apologies: DL

Minutes by: TSLS


CCDC – opened 19:15


Previous Minutes approved by JN, seconded by DL.



MOTORHOMES – The matter of caravans on our Motorhome Site has been raised once more by a member of the public with the Board. The gentleman is keen to explore how the larger plots can be used for caravans, as was the case (not planned) at MCMF, which suggests manoeuvrability is not an issue.
The Board are unanimous in not seeking to make changes but will consider it in future should expansion of the site be possible.
DW stated that the real purpose of the Motorhome site was for removal of campers from the front; caravans are not an issue the board is really attempting to deal with at present.



Two of the offices required have now been painted and had carpets cleaned ready to go. Furniture for the first office will be brought in in the next couple of weeks and rent will be received as of 7th Nov. The second office space will be made ready once WH Kirkwood’s foreman has vacated.

DW views the best option as asking the new tenant when is the best time for moving in and then giving a deadline for vacating the office to Kirkwood’s. By the end of the year would be best.

SD agrees but opened discussion about whether to offer alternative accommodation to Kirkwood’s.

JW will enquire with them about the finish date of their new building.
DS agrees with DW – give them notice to the end of this year. Even allow them access to the grass area going forward for stonecutting purposes.
DF agrees.

The second room being let is likely to be occupied from January, but JW to proceed with putting rent agreement in place. Leases will be handled by Robert F. Duff in Largs. The Board were happy with this.
The tenants were also happy to be invoiced monthly until a full lease was signed at a price of £40 per week + VAT.
Board opinions?

Further discussion to be held on costs & amenities at the 6 month point.
All in attendance agreed to this proposal.

JN – discussion of radio station usage and actual occupancy, brought up the possibility that we may need to look for a new tenant in that section of the West Lodge

DS opinion – put it on hold until after New Year, make decisions then, take it from there

Agreement from all.



CCTV cameras have been installed and signage put up as required.

Stevie Muir has asked if the board would consider investing in a couple of heaters, wall mounted for at the Croc Rock Block because of dampness which is a constant issue. JW could get a quote on heaters.

JW to do print of income and expenses before any decisions are made.

DS would like quote first and concrete plans to come after. JN agrees

JW updated the Board on the Bomb Shelter block. It is again being used by the foreman involved with the Town Hall development.  Kevin Cunning from C-S came out at JW’s request for a site visit as JW felt it worth seeing if they would assist in the costs required to rectify the drain issue, which was not a problem until the work was carried out at the site.  Kevin Cunning concluded after his visit that the matter lay with Graham & Sibbald as they, C-S carried out the work per the drawings provided to them by Graham & Sibbald however he believes they did not carry out a drain inspection, prior to the drawings being issued.  JW has also met with Stephen McNair, and JW hopes they can look at seeking funding jointly to correct the problem whilst creating the ‘Changing Places’ space planned for part of the site.

Toilet blocks opening for winter – Do board want West Bay open over winter this year?

DS concerned about storm damage.

DF votes for closing West Bay.
DW agrees.

DS agrees.

JN agrees as not likely to lose out much over winter in terms of revenue.

West Bay closure votes have it – JW will provide signage for S.Muir to display informing the public.




The Board were updated that CCDC has secured funding from NAC for an additional 2 days of Liz Metin’s time to support the securing of funds for GH Building Repairs.

JW explained that we are still waiting for confirmation of the funding to be awarded by HES and word from HIE after a successful site visit.  Our note of interest is with Pilgrim Trust and there is another possible fund we can apply for, live from 20th November – The Wolfson Fund which we should meet the criteria they are looking for and hopefully this is something that Liz can work with JW on.

The Pathway Fund – JW attended an online information session and has contacted one of their team for further information relating to any possibility of securing funding for improvements to be made at the Farland Point pathway.

Confirmation was received yesterday that CCDC have been awarded the funding for the installation of two EV Charging Stations within the grounds.  Work to be completed by the end of this financial year.



JW updated the board that at the meeting held earlier that evening it was proposed & agreed CCDC would act as the anchor organisation. Our role will include the advertising of a CDO & working with them, CES etc. to take the project forward. JW asked if any directors were interested in attending a further meeting later this month.
DF unavailable.

DW likely to attend provided the meeting is before 4th Dec.

JW will share with the Board when definite dates are shared with her.



JW updated the Board on the loss of our housekeeper due to her having to move off the island.

Are the Board happy to re-advertise the post of housekeeper at MHAL?
Yea from all.


In the interim, All Kleen covering housekeeping, in quiet period over the winter at agreed rates.

Are the Board happy to adopt that as the new default hours on the advert?

Board approves unanimously.

SD asks have we ever thought about hiring two people as housekeeper to job-share? Just that the possibility may make the post more attractive to people.

DF thinks it better that we be honest about the seasonal nature of the work and divide it into 20/30 hour blocks.

DS agrees.


For now, are the Board content with keeping the original default hours advertised (to include the job-share option)?

Unanimous agreement.


Two island plumbers have been into the flats re the replacement/installation of new water heaters, where possible. JW awaits a price quote from them. 

New licence requirements for the apartments come into place next year – JW has no figure on cost provided to her yet, she will get back to the Board with that as soon as it comes in or the information is available online.

JW also asked if DF and SD, as offered previously, could carry out an assessment of signal quality etc. at Quayhead & Cardiff Street as the most requested item needed in the flats by our clients is still provision of Wi-Fi.

DF & SD agreed to assess the WiFi potential and report back to the Board.


DF updated the board on progress with Calmac and their offer of financial support with regards to the toilets – currently awaiting a response.


Meeting closed 20:27.

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