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Meeting Chaired by: Rena McIntyre
Also present: Deborah Ferris (Chairperson), David Williamson, Stewart Kennedy, Doug Laidlaw, Stephen Dobbin and Jan Wilkie.
Apologies: David Stevenson
Copies of Agenda were issued to those present though order of discussion altered during the course of the meeting.

R Mc provided those present with feedback in regards to the interviews held for the CEO post:
Nine applicants were invited for interviews which took place on 14.8.19 and 21.8.19

JW informed the Board that she had received a request from Frank Corcoran to meet with the Board in relation to the Community Garden. The Lease in fact is between Garrison House and IoCICC, so having spoken with DF (23.9.19) JW will add the matter to the agenda for the next Garrison House Board Meeting to be held 24.9.19.

DW brought to the Board’s attention that he had been to look internally at the ‘Old Clinic’ building within the grounds along with an interested party looking at a possible business development. SD and DF then informed the Board that interest in the same building has been shown by two other parties.

DW feels that to sell the building would be detrimental to a possible future development within the grounds of a multipurpose hall – plans for which were put forward as part of CCDC’s Masterplan and which would also involve both Age Concern and D A Halls.

SD reiterated that historically, a multipurpose hall was discussed covering that site but until we know the progression/outcome of the planned development of the Town Hall, CCDC can make no plans.

DL suggested that interested parties should submit their proposals to the Board in writing for consideration and the other Board members agreed with this suggestion.

DW commented that another option was to sell of the building which would the provide funds to look at the development of an area within the ground for motorhome users and the provision of shower facilities etc.

As DW pointed out – he had raised the matter of Motorhomes/caravans being parked on the shore road over the MCMF weekend with police officers on duty over the festival weekend. He explained that CCC are already looking at ways of dealing with the increase in motorhome users and feels we, as CCDC, should support them all we can. – All present agreed.

R Mc said that in the future, if the 2 huts listed were to be removed as part of the Town Hall development then possible siting of motorhomes in that location could be considered.

DW asked SK to raise the matter at the next CCC meeting which he had agreed to attend as a representative of CCDC and to enquire as to where sites of hard standing on the island they were looking at, which they felt could accommodate motorhomes etc.

DL requested that the framed information sheets in the Public Toilet blocks are taken in and updated as those currently displayed show Michael Bertram as CEO. – JW to action

General discussion took place between those Directors present, regarding repairs required to Garrison House.

Information regarding income from the Moorings was then provided to the Board by JW: MOORINGS Donations received 2018 = £2498.00. Donations received (to date) 2019 = £1364.35.

JW discussed with Sheila Gilmour – Executive Director Visit Arran, how their figures had compared with their moorings which are located in Brodick, Lamlash and at Loch Ranza, over the last 2 years. She said – though she didn’t have figures to hand, that their income was also down a lot in 2019. She believed solely due to wind directions unsuitable for the location of their moorings and just generally a poorer summer.


R Mc said to the Board that they must look at reducing costs and increasing funds in relation to the Public Toilets on the island. R Mc suggested that the Board submit a letter to Calmac – addressed initially to Carol –Ann, Port Manager at Largs Ferry Terminal. To bring to their attention that our provision of these facilities on the island costs CCDC £30,000 per annum with an annual income of £5,000 leaving CCDC with a short-fall of £25,000 to try and deal with. We were therefore seeking a contribution from Calmac, towards these very high costs.

SD issued to those present a copy of the Financial Bank Summary for CCDC membership account and CCDC main account for discussion and also informed the Directors of the current GH Bank Balance and the position we are in regarding rental income.

JW informed the Directors of the ‘work required’ list which she had asked Bob Campbell to provide for submission to the Board, in relation to MHAL. This list to be e-mailed out to Directors accordingly.

R Mc suggested that the Board looks at costs, income, pricing etc. in more detail at a future meeting which will focus on MHAL.

DONM: Tuesday, 1st October 2019


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