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Board minutes – 3rd October 2016


1. Present
Stephen Dobbin (Chair); Alan Hill, Kelly Norton, Scott Watson, Christine McCulloch (Vice-Chair); Douglas Kerr, Bob Campbell, Davy Stevenson, and CEO, Michael Bertram.
Mr. Darren McLachlan also joined the Board of Directors.

2. Apologies
John McNeilly and Graeme Schreiber.

3. Agenda confirmed
1. Present
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of last meeting
4. Matter arising
5. Financial report
6. CEO report
Minutes of last meeting
Proposed – Kelly Norton
Seconded – Davy Stevenson

4. Matters arising
CEO advised that Directors had contacted him to place matters on the agenda. Chair advised that this was in order.
4.1 Forthcoming AGM
4.2 Café trading situation
4.3 Council toilets and halls.
4.4 Sale of MHAL flat ‘Bute’.
4.1 Forthcoming AGM

The Chair took the Board of Directors through the proposed dates for the AGM.
Resolution 1: That CCDC will hold their annual general meeting at 5.30pm on the 10th of November 2016 in the DA Hall.

4.2 Café trading situation
The Chair took the Board of Directors through the company financials and outlined the problems if we break through the VAT threshold.
Discussion took place around the various options available to the company.
Resolution 2: The CEO has been given authority to open up discussions to find a partner willing to take over the café lease. However failure may result in the cafe closing for the coming winter season (Nov16-Feb17).

4.3 Council toilets and halls
CEO advised the Board Directors that the CEO had three meetings with council officials and he has provided all the inputs necessary to council to develop a robust business plan.
General discussion took place around the council offer.
Resolution 3: CEO to structure a meeting with CCDC and Council with only the toilets and the halls on the agenda.


4.3 Sale of MHAL property – flat ‘Bute’.
CEO advised that he had sent out an information sheet to all Directors advising them that we have a firm inquiry on purchasing the flat. General discussion took place around the merits and demerits of the selling and reinvesting into the other MHAL flats.
Resolution 4: That ‘R. Duff and Co’ continue to manage the sale of property on behalf of CCDC.
Further discussion took place over the benefits of raising finance on the strength of the current apartments, and using a loan to reinvest rather than selling off any units.
Resolution 5: That the CEO and Chairperson investigate the financial options and report back at the next meeting.

5. Financial report
Chairperson presented August’s financial statements and took the Directors through the most salient points of the financials. No queries were raised.
Proposed – Davy Stevenson.
Seconded – Kelly Norton.
Resolution 6: August’s financial statements were adopted.

6. CEO Report
CEO advised the Board Directors that we had already covered the issues around the café trading position and the way forward with respect to the possible asset transfers of toilets and halls from council.
6.1 Millport Economic Regeneration Action Plan (MERAP)
CEO advised that council had now appointed a control to develop the ‘master planning document for the grounds. As soon as he had information on the contractor and their mandates, he would ‘round-robin; with the directors. CEO added that he had also included a copy of the council tender document in the Board pack for prior reading.

6.2 Care Home and Frail Care Centre for Millport.
CEO advised that he had several meetings with the Elderly Forum and their contractors on the proposed new medical and frail care centre and new homes for the elderly in Millport.
The CEO that he had asked Director Doug Kerr to provide more detailed overview of the project and any non-sensitive feedback at this stage to his fellow board directors.
General discussion took place around the ‘options analysis’ stage of the project.
Director Doug Kerr advised that the report which was 60-pages long was now lodged with North Ayrshire Council and he was awaiting their inputs and comments.
CEO asked if the Elderly Forum could provide any more information at this stage.
Director Doug Kerr added that they would still need to structure meetings with the health board and council, then CCDC.
He also added that they intended to hold another pubic meeting once the investigation was complete.

6.2 West Lodge – Current lease.
CEO advised that he had several discussions with a new leaseholder and he was seeking Board approval to continue to develop a long term lease for the lodge.
CEO added that the new tenancy would be worth £6,000 per year and we would not be paying any utilities charges.
Resolution 7: That CEO finalise lease negotiation with a prospective new tenant.

7.1 Signage - Director Davy Stevenson asked the CEO if he could arrange for a sign to go up at the soft play area advising against bringing dogs into the play area.
2 Millport AFC lease - Director Kelly Norton asked if she could raise the issue of moorings and the use of showers.
The Chairperson advised Director Norton to proceed with these items.
CEO advised that we are still in discussions with Millport AFC with respect to putting a new lease in place.
General discussion took place around the use of this facility.
The CEO added that he was hopeful that the concerns raised about two points in the lease could be resolved and he hoped to bring this to a positive conclusion by the next meeting.
Meeting closed at 18.50


DONM – 12th December 2016.




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