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Board minutes – 21st December 2016

1. Agenda confirmed
2. Present
3. Apologies
4. Matters arising
5. CEO report


Stephen Dobbin (Chair); Alan Hill, Graeme Schreiber, Scott Watson, (Vice-Chair); Douglas Kerr, Bob Campbell, Davy Stevenson, and CEO, Michael Bertram.
Kenny Mapes (KM), Phil Lonsdale (PL), Graham Wallace (GW) and Angela McCallum (AM) also joined the Board of Directors for this meeting.
CEO advised that they had received a number of apologies; namely from Kelly Norton, Darren McLachlan and Christine McCulloch.


4. Matters arising
Asset transfer from North Ayrshire Council. CEO advised that he had prepared a special report with Alan Hill and Stephen Dobbin’s inputs which had been circulated to all Directors, Cumbrae Community Council and Cumbrae Tourism.

5. CEO Report
CEO advised the meeting delegates that he had asked North Ayrshire Council to make available officials to assist in our question and answer session. They were Ken Campbell (Facilities Manager) and Jill Peacock (Estates Surveyor).
CEO took the meeting through the special report and highlighted that he hoped that his report covered all the questions that the Board Directors might need to raise regarding the potential asset transfer, but if something came to mind; he was happy to include in the questions shown on page 2 (of his report).
PL asked if CCDC had considered asking for the old Kames Bay toilet site to be included in the asset transfer.
CEO stated ‘No, we did not include this but it was worthwhile considering the option’.
Discussion took place around this options and agreed that this site should be made available to the company.
PL also asked when the options to close the Pierhead toilets had been discussed, as he was not aware of this.
AH stated that this might come about with the regeneration plans for the pier; but he saw no reason why this could not be transferred to CCDC at some later date once the works were completed.
SD stated that he was concerned on taking on staff and how we would cover the periods that we will need to have the toilets open especially in winter.
Discussion took place around this point.
BC added that he had discussions with the island window cleaner with a view to getting a contractor to do the work.
Further discussion took place over the use of a contractor and the need to ensure that we put out tender for this work.
Resolution 1: That CEO draw up a formal tender in early 2017 for a contractor to support CCDC in cleaning, opening and closing all the toilets under CCDC remit.
Ken Campbell (NAC Facilities Manager) and Jill Peacock (NAC Estates Surveyor) were asked to join the meeting at this stage of proceedings.
SD stated that he had also discussed with the CEO the possibility of also using the Drop-in Centre facilities if needed over the busy summer months.
Discussion took place around this point and the delegates felt that it had some merit as an alternative whilst changes were being made to the existing toilets.
SD also stated he was concerned how CCDC would pay for the upkeep, cleaning and incidentals for the toilets.
Discussion took place around this point and the practicality of using honesty boxes.
MB asked KM if it would be feasible to ask the retailers in the main to support our plan (from a financial viewpoint).
KM replied it would be tough sell.
General discussion took place around the use of boxes and the need for improved signage. It was also felt that CCDC must not take away from other good causes which need collection boxes in shops and cafes to assist their charitable events etc.
Resolution 2: That CEO draw up a working for improved signage and request businesses if they would assist in communicating the need to use the honesty boxes.
GW asked if CCDC had considered the opening and closing times of the toilets.
SD replied that we will open 1 April 2017 and trade through till October.
AH added that in the main NAC closed toilets at dusk.
BC informed the meeting that currently he was managing West Bay toilets and he had also offered the CEO that he was prepared to take on the opening and closing of the Pierhead toilets as part of the work he was managing at the moorings.
PL advised that it would be beneficial if signs were also erected showing opening and closing times, especially as West Bay toilets.
BC advised that there is directional signage erected and that he had placed opening and closing times on the display board and it must have been removed. BC added that he would replace this notice sign.
KC pointed out that there were funds available with this work and the £0.05 (5p) carrier bags legislation was one idea that was muted.
KW cautioned CCDC and pointed out that the September fireworks festival was already receiving support from this fund.
GW asked if the porta-loos on offer had disabled access.
KC advised that they did not cater for the disabled.
Further discussion took place over possibility of securing additional loos which could be used for baby changing and disabled access.
PL advised that he had some ideas of where CCDC could possibly get some grants and added that he would share these with the CEO, but they were also on their website.
MB asked KC if he could advise on the issue of drainage which he had raised with council.
KC advised that he had acknowledged that the problems lay with Scottish Water.
BC added that he was sure that they had sent a team over a few months back and carried out CTV examination of the drains.
KC stated that this was the case but NAC did not know the result of the investigation and would provide CCDC with a copy of the results.
AH asked if NAC could facilitate a meeting with CCDC, NAC and Scottish Water.
Resolution 3: That Mr Ken Campbell would arrange a ‘round the table’ discussion in order that we sort of any potential issues prior to handover to CCDC from NAC.
PL also advised that we could get a contractor to make a permanent connection to the mains sewers, as caravan parks have done it the past.
KC agreed and stated that he had been involved in a fully automated system at Blackwaterfoot (on Arran).
AH added that CCDC could apply for funding for another six loos and site them permanently and fence off for festival use only.
PL advised that SSE grants could be used and went on to state that he was concerned with the size of the platform at Crocodile Rock toilets and what our intentions were for this site.
SW added that the water flows were uphill, so he shared similar concerns.
AH added that we could relocate portaloos here and connect into the drains.
DS advised that they had all been removed.
AH added that maybe then we should consider an automated system for his site as well.
Resolution 4: That the CEO advise NAC that we wanted the old Kames Bay toilet site to be included in the asset transfer.
SD pointed out to KC that the 31March was Friday and this would be the ideal time to manage the official transfer date.
KC added that it was also NAC financial year end.
Resolution 5: That the CEO advise NAC that we wanted the asset transfers to be concluded by no later than 31 March 2017.
GW added that we should ensure that the checking out and fixing up of all sites to be manged during February and not leave till March.
General discussion took place around this point, and meeting members were all in agreement on this point.
CEO asked if we could not discuss Fintry Bay. Chair confirmed that this was in order.
CEO advised that in discussion with Mr Bill Steele he had indicated a willingness to help with the cleaning of Fintry Bay toilets.
KM concurred that he believed that BS would help CCDC.
General discussion took place around the remuneration of this management task, and it was agreed that Bill Steel would be entitled to the revenue generated from the honesty box to fund the cleaning and consumables.
Resolution 6: That the CEO advise Mr Bill Steele that CCDC would like him to manage these toilets on a short term basis in return for the revenue from the toilet users.
SD asked if FSC were amiable to visitors using their toilets.
CEO advised that in discussion with Mr Daniel Moncrieff he had indicated that they were happy to let visitors use their toilets if they were also visiting their aquarium.
SD added that he would also suggest that an honesty box be considered for FSC, and the same as Fintry Bay they could keep the proceeds towards their running costs.
Resolution 7: That the CEO advise Mr Daniel Moncrieff that CCDC would like FSC to consider being part of the island wide campaign for visitor comfort and for FSC to install an honesty box system.
KM added that as he was busy finalising the 2017 Cumbrae tourism maps and brochure that we put in a block highlighting where our toilets would be and the hours that they would be open. SD advised that he would support this idea.
SD asked the meeting to come to order and he would summarise our collective decisions.
CCDC recommendations are:
(i) CCDC spruce up the existing toilets for April 2017 as best we can with the funds available to us (CCDC);
(ii) Use Crocodile Rock facilities as a dual shower and toilet facility;
(iii) NAC to reinstate the plumbing at Kames Bay site and handover this to CCDC;
(iv) NAC to re-paint all the buildings one standard colour prior to handover;
(v) NAC consultants to assist in creating a new toilet block, sourcing additional funding and waiving planning costs.
(vi) NAC to set-up a meeting with Scottish Water to address our concerns.

No items were raised.
CEO then thanked everyone for their valuable time and inputs, and wished everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Meeting closed at 15.50

DONM – AGM on the 19th January 2017.




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