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Meeting Chaired by: Deborah Ferris
Also present: Rena McIntyre, David Williamson, Stewart Kennedy, David Stevenson, Stephen Dobbin and Jan Wilkie.
Apologies: Doug Laidlaw
Minutes of meeting held 10.9.19 approved by DF and seconded by RMc.
Invited to attend: Robert Cunningham and Scott Watson
DF Welcomed all to the meeting and invited Robert Cunningham to present to the Board

RC explained to the Board that an application for funding is being prepared to be submitted to NAC for modifications to the marquee. – What they are looking at is doors for the marquee which come in at £1,500 a pair or for 2 sets of doors, 2nd hand - £2000. Hopefully they will receive enough funding to allow the purchase of 2 doors and internal framework to allow for the internal partitioning of the marquee for events. – Partition framework costs approx. £1000 and we would be looking for 2 sets. Hopefully it would not be necessary to purchase vinyl’s for this purpose, as we may have enough available to use already.
Robert is also looking at a ‘pop-up’ marquee – similar to the green rooms we had at MCMF 2019. The size being approx. 6” x 3”, heavy duty, which retail at £1400 new from Baillies or 2nd hand - £300. If 2 were to be purchased (2nd hand) for between £600 - £900, they could be used for bars, green rooms or to provide a separate catering area.

RMc commented that she had seen online at ‘DIY Marquees’ – marquees available, of a similar size of 6” x 8” which would be suitable for use within GH grounds.

RC explained that at a previous meeting held with Julia Whittaker (funding consultant at NAC), she had commented that the groups on the island don’t work together. For this reason, the funding application will go in under the umbrella of Festival Group/ CCDC & Garrison House – collectively.

SW made the Directors aware that with regards to the last successful grant awarded by NAC, the funding application had not clarified that the Festival Committee did not own the marquee but that it had been gifted to GH/CCDC, which should have been the case.
At this point JW confirmed with the Board that we (CCDC) had received written confirmation from Ross Newton that he would no longer be involved in the erecting/dismantling of the marquee as of October 2019.
RC said that an application could be submitted for 20ft containers to be erected within GH grounds or at the Gas Works yard for the storage of the marquee.

SD commented that it could also be possible to get funding towards the training of new staff/volunteers who, in the future, would be involved with the erecting/dismantling process.

RC explained that we would be looking at approx. £2,000 to bring a container onto the island.
DS suggested it would be better to look at investing in the building of a 40 ft. storage unit which could be concealed within the trees at the west side of GH grounds and we would therefore save on the cost of bringing a container(s) from the mainland.
Baillies Marquees have said, for a fee, they could make available 2 of their staff to assist/instruct our own ground staff and possibly a Director and/or a volunteer, if available, in the erecting process. Matter to be discussed further at a later date.

RC then brought up the matter of motorhomes and a grant application re. the development of an area for them. This possibility had been discussed with MB regularly over the last 3 years. RC asked if there had been any developments on this subject?
SK explained that at the last CCC meeting he attended, their committee made it clear that they are happy to work with CCDC and NAC towards a solution to the motorhome issue on the island.

DW commented that we need an alternative to these vehicles being parked on the front street.
RMc suggested in the interim, that the area within GH grounds which is used for the annual motorhome meet, be utilised more widely going forward. All present were open to this possibility.

RC suggested that any applications for funding for this project be driven by CCC.
Robert Cunningham and Scott Watson were thanked for speaking with the Board before leaving the meeting room.

JW brought the Board up to speed with the application which went to CARS for external building improvements at 8 Quayhead. Unfortunately, though our application was approved, the scheme’s funding has all been allocated. Our project is therefore on a ‘waiting list’ and we will be contacted if funding becomes available however it cannot be guaranteed that this will be the case.

After a visit/look around the West Lodge by an interested party, RMc suggested that we ask said party to provide a footprint of the space they would require, the suggested length of lease being looked at and the financial figure they are prepared to offer. Then submit this paperwork, in writing, to the Board for further discussion. JW to deal with this. With regards to the original provider of funds for the development of our West Lodge into a Business Centre – Argyll and the Islands. Should a change to the use of part of the building be considered prior to 31.12.20 then a proposal would have to be submitted to the funders, for their approval.

In relation to the Public Toilets and to reduce costs, JW to confirm with Suki that only 2 public toilet blocks will remain open over the winter period. Also, to take the opportunity to thank Suki for her offer of carrying out winter maintenance in the toilet blocks as part of her salary. However, CCDC will be asking the community for volunteers to assist with this, to help keep costs down as much as possible. A letter will be submitted to Calmac asking for a contribution to the operating costs of the public toilets at Cumbrae Slip and information sheets currently on display within our public toilets are to be updated for 2020.

JW provided the Board with feedback from the meeting held within Garrison House on 25.9.19 which was attended by representatives of CCC, IoCTA, RBL, CCDC (JW) and Eleanor & Jimmy Newton (Classic Car Rally Event organisers). Discussion took place over the events being considered for the period of 8th, 9th & 10th May 2020. One of which, if funding is available and space allows, is the erecting of the marquee between the Old Dance Hall and the Age Concern Hall for that weekend. It would be used for a ‘VE Day Tea Party’ on the Friday and then possible for the display of Classic Cycles on the Saturday. This would complement Jimmy and Eleanor’s idea/thoughts of extending their Classic Car Rally to include Classic Motorcycles in 2020.

DONM 19.11.19

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