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Board minutes – 18th Dec 2017


1. Agenda


CEO stated to the collected Directors that it would be a brief meeting to carrying out the required appointments of new directors’ key positions and that there was only one item for discussion.


2. Present


Bryony McLachlan, Rena McIntyre, Davie Stevenson, David Williamson, Douglas Kerr, Dougie Laidlaw, Deborah Ferris, Donald Campbell, Stewart Kennedy and CEO, Michael Bertram.


3. Apologies


Robert Pringle and James Taberner.


4. Matters arising


November 2017 minutes proposed by Bryony McLachlan and seconded David Williamson.


4.1 Confirmation of Directors and Appointments of key positions.


CEO asked if anyone wanted to accept the nomination of Chairperson.


Donald Campbell was proposed by Stewart Kennedy and seconded Davie Stevenson. Donald duly accepted the nomination, there were no other proposals for the position of Chairperson.


Resolution 1 – The CCDC Board agreed that Donald Campbell be appointed as Chairperson.

CEO then asked if anyone wanted to accept the nomination of Vice-Chairperson.


Bryony McLachlan was proposed by Stewart Kennedy and seconded by David Williamson. Bryony duly accepted the nomination, there were no other proposals for the position of Vice-Chairperson.


Resolution 2:  The CCDC Board agreed that Bryony McLachlan be appointed as Vice-Chairperson. 


CEO then asked if anyone wanted to accept the nomination of Company Treasurer.


Douglas Kerr was proposed by David Williamson and seconded by Rena McIntyre, Douglas Kerr duly accepted the nomination, and there were no other proposals for the position of Company Treasurer.


Resolution 3:  The CCDC Board agreed that Douglas Kerr be appointed as Company Treasurer.  


4.2 CEO report – Amusements Lease


CEO advised that there was only one item for discussion, which was the request from the board of Garrison House Cumbrae Ltd [GHCL] to seek advice and guidance from the parent company (CCDC) on that matter of a new, extended lease for Newton’s Amusements.

CEO continued to advise that GHCL has a formal request for a long lease from Newton’s Amusements and stated that it was their desire if agreement could be found on providing an extended lease to purchase better children’s rides.


General discussion took place on which land was proposed and how this would interact with other community groups’ requests for space within the grounds during summer.


CEO further advised that the current operation [bouncy castles etc.] is prone to water ingress due a high water table and flows from higher ground behind the Garrison [on site this section of the grounds]. 


Further discussion took place on how the land could be leveled and drained and the costs involved in the work.


DS advised that ultimately this was the main reason for bringing this project to the CCDC Board, as GHCL anticipated that they would need at least £10,000 - £12,000 to carry out this work, and they did not have these funds.


The Chair asked if GHCL was seeking these funds from CCDC.


DS advised that this was the case, but we did not know what we would find once excavations began and how we might need to install drainage into the area, and this may increase the bill closer to £20,000.


It was discussed and agreed that any ground work on the mounds could not sensibly be completed before this summer season, 2018.


DW stated that a further issue to discuss with CCDC was that the proposal was to bring in a dodgem operation.


CEO showed photographs of the proposed rides and advised that this would occupy an area of not least 60 feet by 40 feet.


Discussion took place on how the current bouncy castles would be placed within this space.


CEO advised that it was communicated to him that there would be new and smaller bouncy castles which [if a lease was granted] would occupy a space in front of the dodgems. CEO added that GHCL is in the process of securing costs to level off the current ‘mounds’ and improve the general drainage in this section of the grounds. At this stage GHCL does not know if we can afford these improvements and this has been communicated to Ross Newton.    


General discussion took place on which land and GHCL future plans.


Resolution 4:  CCDC resolved that they were not in favour of providing a loan to GHCL to level the mounds at this time.   


Further discussion took place that CCDC preferred position that GHCL do not extend any leases that may negatively affect the long term planning decisions for Garrison grounds. A single year extension would be allowed for the current operation which then allows CCDC to review the overall Garrison plan and provide further clarifications at a later date.  


CEO added that Mr. Ross Newton had suggested that ideally they would like to purchase a dodgem machine and GHCL had determined that this was not the type of operation they wished to see within the grounds and that the space needed was 60 feet long and 40 feet wide.


General discussion took place on suitability of the dodgem machine.


Resolution 5:  That CCDC cannot commit to allowing a dodgem ride due to the current locations non-suitability. 


Further discussion took place that CCDC would communicate and recommend that the Newton’s are offered a single year extension for the current activities, advised that CCDC and GHCL both envisage the movement of their operations further back into the grounds.


CEO advised that he would draw up the minutes and a letter to the Newton’s informing them of the CCDC board’s decision.


Chair stated that he would appreciate that.   


5. November Financials.


CEO advised that he did not have financials for approvals at this meeting.


  1. AOCB


6.1 Working with other island groups.


Chair advised that he would like to see how we fit together with all the other groups on the islands and felt that we (CCDC) would benefit from hearing about their own business plan and build on what we had already developed for 2018 and beyond.  


General discussion took place on which groups to interact with initially and consensus was that they were in agreement with the Chair’s proposals to set-up preliminary meetings in the New Year to find common ground.




22nd January 2018.   


Meeting closed 6.20 pm.

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