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Board minutes – 12 January 2015




  • Present

  • Apologies

  • Minutes of last meeting

  • Matter arising

  • Financial report

  • CEO report

  • AOCB

  • DONM


1/. Present – Stephen Dobbin, Stephen White, Bob Campbell, Christine McCulloch, Kelly Norton, Alan Hill, and June Allison.


2/. Apologies – Fergus Boyle, Graeme Strieber, Michael Bertram.


3/. Minutes of last meeting.


Proposed – Kelly Norton and seconded by Stephen White.


4. Matters arising


4.1 SD explained that at the December board meeting, the three (3) appointed directors had all indicated that they were available for re-election. 

SD outlined therefore that it was necessary for the board to formally approve the re-election of appointed directors.

Resolution: It was agreed that Stephen White, Alan Hill, Graeme Strieber all be re-appointed to the CCDC Board of Directors.

Moorings – agreed that CCDC take them but agreed that this matter should be treated as “Confidential” at this stage. CEO to follow up with council. 


4.2 Bio-Mass – awaiting another report on the construction of the building for housing the installation.  CEO to follow up with Gibson & Goold (Ayr) Ltd.


4.3 CARS Scheme – the idea of an employee jointly employed by NAC along with CCDC was discussed. CEO to follow up with council.


4.4 MHAL – Bob C asked board to consider urgent works need to bring the flats up to par for the forthcoming season. BC produced quotes for remedial works.


Resolution: It was agreed that this matter should be discussed at a special and urgent meeting to be scheduled by the MHAL Board.


5. Finances – Stephen D. produced account sheets and these were discussed and agreed upon.


6. CEO Report – BC explained that the CEO and Graeme Strieber were stuck in Largs awaiting news on the ferry operation commencing (regular service cancelled due to hydraulics failure).


6.1 In the absence of the CEO, his report was discussed and the following points touched highlighted.


6.2 E-Business – a 50% Grant has been applied for CCDC website and Mr Charles Kelly appointed to develop the new site.


6.3 Scottish Power Bills – SD explained that CCDC has received a Credit Note for the full amount and that he would follow up as a matter of urgency with SP.


6.4 Fuel Facility – to be discussed with Karen Yeomans, NAC under TCRS.


6.5 All other matters were left in abeyance until the CEO could be present.


7. AOCB – no other matters.


8. DONM - 16th February 2015.



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