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Board minutes – 13th July 2016


1.    Present
Stephen Dobbin; Christine McCulloch; Douglas Kerr, Bob Campbell, Davy Stevenson, John McNeilly and CEO, Michael Bertram.

2.    Apologies
Alan Hill, Graeme Schreiber, Kelly Norton and Scott Watson.

3.    Agenda confirmed   
Chair explained that this was an urgent meeting to discuss the implications of CCDC being asked by North Ayrshire Council to take over the running of Halls and Toilets.
Chair added that as we were not quorate, the meeting was to guide the CEO in his future meetings with council.

4.    CEO Report Back

CEO advised that at the last Board meeting Council’s decision to close all toilets in Cumbrae; and that he had prepared a PowerPoint presentation to show Directors all the toilets on the island, their current physical state and the possibilities of what we could develop after 2017.  
The Chairperson advised the CEO to proceed with his PowerPoint.  

4.1 Council Toilets
CEO advised the Board of Directors that we secured a follow-up meeting with council’s infrastructure team to look at the way forward for the Toilets and the Town Hall on the 30th of June. Directors’ Mr. Bob Campbell and Christine MacCulloch attended this meeting; along with Cllr Alan Hill who was present to aid the meeting.
CEO stated that at this meeting that he had no mandate, and would need to report back to the full Board on the proposals of council; and this feedback would form part of the feedback.  

CEO advised that after the meeting in his correspondence with Council it had been alluded to, that a capital grant would be given to improve one toilet block and to allow this grant in the region of £55-60,000. This was confirmed at the 30th of June meeting, and subsequent emails later, it is suggested that this would be subject to CCDC taking of management and control of the Council Halls.

CEO showed in the PowerPoint presentation that the key task was over the question should CCDC to take over the management and control of all Cumbrae toilets. CEO added that he had conducted a risk assessment for this asset transfer and there were six key areas of concern:-

•    How do we fund this operation?
•    Volumes of users – Can the drains cope.  
•    Management costs.
•    Vandalism  
•    Ongoing maintenance.
•    Water Rates.  

General discussion took place about the costs of maintaining and cleaning on a daily basis, and what sort of revenue stream we could realistically earn if we put coin meters on these toilets.

CEO advised that Council had sent their infrastructure officials over to examine the physical state of all public accessible toilets on the island.  

•    Cumbrae Slip – toilets owned and managed by Council on behalf of Transport Scotland (and Calmac).
•    FSC – aquarium free of charge.
•    Crocodile Rock - toilets owned and managed by Council.
•    Garrison House block - toilets owned and managed by Council.
•    Town Hall - toilets owned and managed by Council.
•    West Bay - toilets owned by CCDC and managed by Council.
•    Fintry Bay - toilets owned and managed by Council.

CEO stated that according to Council the toilet conditions are as follows:

•    The Cumbrae Slip – satisfactory, no major issues.
•    Crocodile Rock - satisfactory, no major issues.  
•    Quayhead – poor condition.
•    Clifton Street – poor condition, and should be closed due to access issues.
•    Garrison grounds - poor condition but could be improved.

CEO advised that CCDC was asked by Council to make a decision on which toilets to keep and improve; and inform council of this decision.  

CEO’s recommendation was as follows:  

•    The Cumbrae Slip – dependent of Transport Scotland.
•    Crocodile Rock - satisfactory, no major issues.  
•    Garrison Grounds - poor condition but could be improved.
•    Fintry Bay – no mains water, but could use recycling.
•    Quayhead – poor condition.
•    Clifton Street – poor condition, and should be closed due to access issues.

General discussion took place about the costs to rebuild a new toilet block, and what type and number of units should be built within the new facilities.

DK stated he had seen fantastic new toilets on holiday in Spain (Marbella) and they were dotted every 200-300 metres along the promenade.

Further discussion took place over where we should locate these new toilets, the look and feel and the general running costs.

CEO added that Cllr Alan Hill’s recommendation was that in principle CCDC should consider taking over the full responsibility of management and maintenance of the council owned toilets, subject to CCDC receiving a capital grant to bring these facilities up to a decent working order (prior to asset transfer) and a revenue grant to manage the Halls.   

CEO added that he had asked Council to put this in writing, for circulation to the full CCDC Board, (if this is the case, CEO will circulate).

CEO advised that he has since received the full financials of council costs and income for the Halls, and they do not make for pretty reading. In summary, the full costs were £33,708.88 with a possibility of CCDC obtaining a full rates rebate of £14,456.39.

General discussion took place about the costs, and what sort of revenue stream we could realistically accept if Council closed the Town Hall.

CEO stated that if you took the income for both Halls and staff costs, they virtually cancelled each other out.  

General discussion took place about the toilets and how we could best fund and maintain these assets if we agreed to a council ‘asset transfer’.  
General concerns were raised by DS that the current toilet signage is very poor; and CEO stated that this was addressed in the meeting with council on the 30th June.

CEO then asked the remaining Directors how they wished for CCDC to proceed.

The general consensus was that we should remain cautious as if we get it wrong the CEO was correct that we could suffer serious reputational damage, and financial embarrassment if we did not receive a substantial revenue grant to take over the Halls and Toilets.

BC asked if he could bring up the matter of visitors using the moorings using showers.

Chair stated that this was in order.

BC added that he had already taken in £1,000 from the moorings (honest box) donations and that he had three inquires recently to use showers. BC continued to state that at the last meeting the CEO had referred to a letter he had received from the Millport AFC and he wanted to see this letter.

CEO advised that received a letter from SD from Millport AFC and that he gave DS a letter and a copy of the ‘grant in aid’ requirements from Scottish Leader to drop back off with Millport AFC, but he did not have the original letter.  

General discussion took place around how we get Millport AFC to come and discuss a possible lease and their usage of the building.

DS advised that he would get the secretary of Millport AFC to call the CEO and set-up a mutually convenient to meet at the office.

Meeting closed at 19.10.

DONM – 15th August 2016.    


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