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Board minutes – 15th June 2015


1/. Present – Stephen Dobbin, Graeme Schreiber, Bob Campbell, Christine McCulloch, Kelly Norton, David Hepburn, and Michael Bertram.


2/. Apologies – Stephen White, Fergus Boyle, Alan Hill.


3/. Agenda confirmed -  

  • Present

  • Apologies

  • Minutes of last meeting

  • Matter arising

  • Financial report

  • CEO report

  • AOCB

  • DONM

3/. Minutes of last meeting.

Proposed – Kelly Norton and seconded by Stephen Dobbin.


4. Matters arising

4.1 Stephen Dobbin (the Chairperson) advised the Board that Mr. Stephen White had indicated that he must stand from the main Board but was able to remain as Company Secretary is the Board wished him to continue serving in this capacity.  

Resolution: That CEO would advise Stephen White that the board reluctantly accepted his resignation, but wished for him to remain as the Company Secretary.

4.2 Stephen Dobbin (the Chairperson) advised the Board of Directors that he had also received the resignation from the main Board of Mrs. June Allison. 

The Chairperson added Mrs. Allison had indicated to the CEO that she was prepared to serve in any other capacity, should the Board desire in the future.   

Resolution: That CEO and Chairperson would personally thank Mrs. June Allison for her continued service and that we regretfully accepted her resignation form the Board of CCDC and MHAL.  


5. Finances – Chairperson (Stephen Dobbin) produced monthly account sheets and these were discussed and agreed upon.

Resolution: It was agreed to adopt the May 2015 financials.

Chairperson advised that he was required to amend the bank signature mandates which were held by the Bank of Scotland on behalf of CCDC.  The reason for the amendment is due to the fact that two of our previous signatories are no longer with the company.


Chairperson added he therefore requires a formal Board resolution for the inclusion

Janet Wilkie as a new signatory; and for the other two signatories to be removed.        


Resolution: It was agreed to authorise the Chairperson to remove the previous signatories who are no longer with the company and amend and add Janet Wilkie as a new signatory.


6. CEO Report  

The CEO that he had listed the items for discussion, and if there were no objections then he proceed to the first issue for discussion. 

The Chairperson advised the CEO to proceed with the items which he required advice and discussion on in the CEO’s report.

6.1 Millport Model Railway Club (MMRC).

CEO advised that after repeated attempts to get an ‘in-contract rate’ from Scottish Power, the Chair had determined with the CEO that we should endeavour to change supplier.


The Chairperson advised the Board that he had made inquiries, and we are hoping that Extra Energy will be prepared to take over the supply to the railway club.


Discussion took place over the best way forward for this energy supply and to ensure that the railway club pay their way for the energy that they are using.


Board discussion agreed that the CEO and Director David Hepburn would be able to assist them in making application for their own supplier, and to advise MMRC to consider a coin-operated energy system.  


Resolution: That CEO and Director David Hepburn would engage with MMRC to consider a coin-operated energy system.  


6.2 - Millport Economic Regeneration Action Plan (MERAP).


CEO appraised the Board of his follow-up with North Ayrshire Council and Mr. Doug Wheeler regarding an economic action plan.


Discussion took place over the best way forward for the key catalytic projects.


The CEO advised further that North Ayrshire Council were seeking partnership with CCDC to develop on the current strategic planning; and NAC has agreed to assist in the development of an overarching “Estates Management Plan” for Garrison House and its grounds. 


In addition, NAC also accepted the need for the Garrison Stables building to be improved even though it was rejected by the THI committee and that NAC may consider a CPO for the Garrison Stables and suggested a ‘back-to-back’ transfer of this asset to CCDC.


Discussion took place over the best way forward for this assert, as there was huge concern over the environmental issues emanating from this derelict property. 


CEO added that this proposal is getting a good response from the NAC Regeneration Team and Development Planning Services department.  


Resolution: That CEO would with North Ayrshire Council to try and arrange a COP for the Garrison Stables building.


6.3 Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS)

CEO stated that CCDC and North Ayrshire Council (NAC) are partnering on this scheme and as outlined in previous CEO reports; the program will commence 2016.


CEO added that the focus will be on the restoration of the Town Hall and buildings from the Post Office to the George Hotel; and in addition council have indicated that they would consider CCDC making use of both the DA Hall (and other sheds) and the Town Hall. 


Discussion took place over the use of the council facilities, and the need to have a co-ordinated approach to tie-in CCDC existing assets and the potential of these council assets. 

Resolution: CEO to meet with North Ayrshire Council to advise of CCDC request for a coordinated approach to community assets and their future use.


6.4 Millport sailing project


CEO advised that North Ayrshire Council (NAC) position was that they would prefer that CCDC take over both the new and existing moorings (provided by NAC).


Discussion took place over how CCDC could develop the sailing facilities in general and what would be needed to have a fully functional inner harbour and moorings.   


VCEO added that NAC have advised that they would maintain the moorings for the next two years, and CCDC to take payments for use of their moorings as a contribution to their on-going maintenance. 


Resolution: CEO and Director to continue to meet with North Ayrshire Council and to advise of CCDC if there are any potential cost implications for CCDC.

Bob Campbell (BC) added that visiting sailors could be allowed to use the West Bay toilets and showers for a small fee, if agreed by the Board.

Discussion took place over how CCDC could best use these assets.

Bob Campbell (BC) advised has also recently met again with NAC, Crown Estates and Arran Harbour Association with a view to implementing a 2014/5 harbour communications strategy. 


BC added that in follow up discussions NAC; they recommended that CCDC form a Harbour Association; and twin with NAC, Ayrshire and Arran Tourism, Arran Harbour Association to learn from each other’s experiences.   

Discussion took place over how CCDC could form a moorings association.

Resolution: CEO and Director Bob Campbell to continue to meet with North Ayrshire Council and to try and form a moorings association for Millport.


Mr. Bob Campbell has also indicate that he is prepared to take on this role for the 2015 season, and this role will include taking over the day-to-day management of the moorings and also delivering tourist information to visiting sailors. 


 Resolution: Director Bob Campbell to continue to represent CCDC at a Millport Moorings Association.


CEO added that NAC had advised us (CCDC) to formally register our interest in the weighbridge office, so that we could have a base at the harbour.


Resolution: CEO and Director Bob Campbell to apply to North Ayrshire Council and to try and secure a lease over the weighbridge station office. 


CEO advised that he would inform all directors of CCDC; on any progress made in this respect as soon as we had any positive feedback from council.


6.5 - Community Pharmacy

CEO advised the Board of Directors that the processes to determine whether there is a “need” for new pharmacies had now commenced and would only be competed in September.

Discussion took place around the length of time the process would take in total.

Further discussion took place around the appeal process.

Resolution: that the CEO continue to engage with the NHS; and report to the full Board at the next board meeting.


6.6 - Health and Safety 

CEO stated that there were no issues to report.


7. AOCB – Discussion took place around the use of the grounds and marquee within Garrison House.

Chairperson advised that he under the impression that all community groups should pay £100-00 for the use, with the expectation of the Cumbrae Queen festival.

Further discussion took place over the different groups wanting tom sue the marquee, and the dangerous precedent set if we allowed free use to a wide range of community groups.

Resolution: that the CEO engage with Festival Committee and ensure that all events are aware that they need to pay £100-00 for the use of the marquee.


8. DONM – 17th August 2015.



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