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Board minutes – 11th June 2019



The Chair confirmed the Agenda and that the meeting was quorate. 


  1. Present

  2. Apologies.

  3. Matters Arising

  4. Financial report.

  5. CEO report.

  6. AOCB.

  7. DONM  


1. Present


Chair: Deborah Ferris, Company Treasurer: Stephen Dobbin, David Williamson, Davie Stevenson, Rena McIntyre, Stewart Kennedy and Doug Laidlaw.


2. Apologies.


Bryony McLaughlin.


3. Matters Arising


May and June 2019 board minutes were approved by DF and DS.


3.1 Appointment of new CEO and LinkedIn update 


General discussion took place over the recruitment of the new CEO and where advertising would be placed.


Resolution 1: CEO was advised that Board had taken the decision to utilise spending to place an advert in the Guardian newspaper, LinkedIn professional recruitment section and the Indeed recruitment website. 


CEO was further advised to instruct Jan Wilkie to make payment to the Guardian newspaper, as they would not place an advert prior to payment.


3.2 Handover from CEO to Board - Garrison House and Runnings etc.


CEO handed out a copy of his current tasks lists to the Board Directors, with handover contact details and location of files etc.

General discussion took place over the process and allocation of CEO current workloads.


CEO advised that he would take Jan Wilkie as much detail as possible to ensure that she knew where everything was located prior to his leaving office.


3.3 Festival update


CEO advised that he and the GCHL Chair had looked into our actual incurred costs for hosting festivals by conducting research with outside supply companies as well as looking at other associated indicative costs.


CEO added that we also looked at sunken costs and means to ensure that we continued to generate sufficient funds to ensure that we can keep the community marquee operational.


General discussion took place over the Millport Music Festival on the planning and fees anticipated.


CEO advised that GCHL Chair and he would meet the organisers on Friday [14/6/19] with a view to outline that we had now established the total costs associated with hosting this festival, with a clear goal to ensure a greater reward is returned to GHCL.


CEO added that he would advise all Directors of the conclusion of the discussion on site fees payable.


3.4 Legal Matters – Garrison House building claim. 


CEO advised that he has written to Advocate Stuart Macfarlane as instructed at the last board meeting and is awaiting his reply.


3.5 Legal Arbitration – Moorings Committee update.


CEO advised that Alan Hill had met with a delegation from the ex-Moorings Committee and presented Alan Hill findings on the arbitration and outcome of the meeting [from the position of the ex-Moorings Committee].


General discussion took place over the process of the arbitration and the statement made by the delegation and their preferred outcomes.


Further discussions took place and it was determined that CCDC would continue to operate the moorings in-house, as the service was still being provided for local visitors and to date no complaints had been received that the service offered by CCDC was very worthwhile.


Resolution 2: CEO to advise Alan Hill that CCDC would not entertain handing over the moorings and would continue to carry out this service, on behalf of North Ayrshire Council.  


General discussion took place over the complaints laid by the ex-moorings committee members and their belief that CCDC had acted outside their mandate.


Resolution 3: CEO to advise Alan Hill that CCDC’s belief is that they had every right to close down the committee and bring the service in-house and therefore CCDC now regarded the matter as closed.   


General discussion took place over the service provided by Alan Hill.


The CEO was instructed to thank Mr. Hill for his mediation efforts and ensure that all members of the ex-moorings committee where informed of the CCDC board decision to close the matter by Mr. Alan Hill.



4. Financial report.


Company Treasurer advised that there were no financials to submit.


5. CEO report.


CEO advised that most of his report had already been covered in the ‘matters arising’ section.


5.1 Cumbrae Action Regeneration Scheme (CARS) project.

Discussion took place over whether MHAL apartments would qualify for CARS support.

CEO advised that previously the CARS architects have been to view the premises with a view to curing water and slat ingress.


CEO added that as there are now new conservation architects employed by North Ayrshire Council, it was worth re-visiting and see if we could qualify.   


Resolution 4: CEO to speak to CARS Officer Kasia Smith to see if we can qualify for grant assistance.


5.2 Café lease

Discussion took place over the delay in sorting out the current Lease.

CEO advised that Mr. Alan Hill informed him that the lessee’s solicitors had picked up that the lease had a Directors signature on it who was not authorised to sign [the Director had retired from the CCDC Board by the time it was presented back to the lessee’s solicitors].

CEO further advised that Mr Hill has now prepared the contract and CEO arranged for Director David Williamson to notarise the documents at ‘R.Duffs and Co’ office in Millport, for final presentations to the lessee’s. The lease has now been returned to Alan hill in Largs for circulate back to the lessee’s solicitors.

Further discussion took place on the terms of the current lease and the expiry date of the current lease.

CEO advised that in effect it would expire 31st December 2021 only if CCDC gave two months’ notice in writing to cancel the automatic additional 12 months period [effectively lease ends of 2022 if CCDC does not write to tenants].  


6. AOCB.

No matters were raised under AOCB.

7. DONM  




Meeting closed at 18h00.

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