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Board minutes – 26th June 2017

  1. Agenda confirmed

  2. Present

  3. Apologies

  4. Matters arising

  5. Financials

  6. CEO report

  7. AOCB

  8. DONM


1/. Agenda

Chair confirmed the agenda as correct and advised if there was any additions that they could be picked up under any other company business (AOCB).


2/. Present

Scott Watson (acting Chair); David Williamson, Douglas Kerr, Davy Stevenson, Alan Hill, Dougie Laidlaw and CEO, Michael Bertram.


3/. Apologies

Stephen Dobbin (Chair) was running late.

Darren McLachlan.

Kelly Norton tendered her resignation.  


May’s minutes were approved by Scott Watson and seconded by Douglas Kerr.


4. Matters arising


4.1 Additional Board Directors.


Matters arising


4.1 Additional Board Directors.

CEO advised the Board that new Directors had been sought and he was pleased to advise that the following CCDC members had agreed to be co-opted onto the board:


  • Bryony McKenzie

  • Robert Pringle

  • Deborah Ferris

  • James Taberner  


The Board formally approved all four members to be co-opted as CCDC Board Directors.

4.2 Feedback and report from Mr Bob Campbell.


CEO advised the new Board Directors that Mr. Campbell managed the visitor moorings on behalf of CCDC after we took over the responsibility for these from North Ayrshire Council.


Mr. Campbell informed the Board that he had a number of concerns raised from poor service from North Ayrshire Council and/or their supplier North West Marine.  He added that the moorings were once again laid very late as we had hoped to get these place by Easter, but these were only laid in late May.


Mr. Campbell added North West Marine did not re-fit the moorings tie lines, which prevented easy connection to the moorings. In heavy weather it is virtually impossible to tie onto our moorings. The net result being that the anticipated revenue would be lower than previously reported.


Mr. Campbell further informed the Board that we had £6,322.00 in the kitty for this project; and that he wished to reiterate that it was Crown Estates who owned the sea bed and that they were responsible for the positioning of the layout of the current visitor moorings.


Mr. Campbell added that the staff working with him were volunteers and that CCDC had provided insurance cover for all staff and any incidents that may occur due to their activities would be covered by CCDC.


Mr. Campbell further stated that he also concerned that CCDC had engaged with the Pier and Harbour Group (PHUG). Adding that if PHUG had of spoken to someone from the MMFA (Millport Marine Facilities Association) then the report on the probability of developing a marina for the island would not have stated that “CCDC did not have accurate figures from visiting yachts” etc.


CEO asked if there were any questions. 


No questions were raised.


The Acting Chair stated that he had raised several important points and thanked Bob Campbell for his inputs.


17.30 - Mr. Campbell left the meeting.


5/. Financials


CEO informed the Board that the Chair had advised that he was unable to present May’s financials, and that these would be forwarded for approval in due course.


6/. CEO Report

CEO advised that he was conscious of time constraints, and he would move quickly through the most important items requiring discussion. 

17h40. The Chairperson Mr. Stephen Dobbin joined the meeting at this point.

The Chair advised the CEO to proceed with the CEO report.

6.1 Millport Holiday Apartment Letting (MHAL)


CEO advised the Board that from CCDC’s side we were now all complete for the transfer of flat ‘Bute’.


CEO added that the new owners had agreed to keep the flat in the MHAL lettings pool for this season; which was a blessing as we had lots of bookings pending.


CCDC would charge a 10% administration fee and the new owners had agreed to pay for their cleaning separately from CCDC.


CEO added that we had also concluded the sale of all the furniture and chattels, and this was done separately to the sale. 


Discussion took place about the repairs and maintenance.


CEO advised the Board that he had negotiated with the two other owners that they each pay a ‘third share’ of the costs to repair and repaint the corridors of 4 Quayhead.


CEO added that we also had to replace the rear door, and again he had negotiated with the two other owners that they pay a share of these costs.


6.2 Stormwater Defence scheme and proposed new marina.


CEO advised the Board that with the Vice-chair Scott Watson, CCDC had met with North Ayrshire Council (NAC) to discuss the “Stormwater Defence scheme” and how we could develop sound economic benefits for the island.


CEO state that North Ayrshire Council they were appreciative of the work of Martin Latimer from Blue Sea Consulting. CEO added that North Ayrshire Council had also agreed to pay for this study.


CEO further stated that NAC had agreed that their consultants Royal Haskoning DV would conduct further modelling to test the assumptions made by Martin Latimer (Blue Sea Consulting) that we could build a marina within the new Stormwater breakwaters.  


Discussion took place about the proposals. 


SW confirmed that members from Pier and Harbour Group (PHUG) and Cumbrae Community Council had also attended the meeting, and all three groups were happy with the outcomes.   


6.3 Festivals, Weddings and Events.


CEO advised the Board that this was now the time when Garrison House hosted several functions and handed out copies of the calendar of events.


CEO added that as Vice-chair Scott Watson served on the Festivals Committee he had liaised with him, and SW would take the Board through the salient points of the forthcoming festivals.


SW advised that the Festivals Committee had obtained a grant which would allow them to purchase a new marquee which could either be used independently of the existing CCDC marquee or it could be added to the existing marquee to make a much larger capacity unit.


SW further added that it was the intention of the Festivals Committee to replace all the existing panels and donate these to CCDC.


Discussion took place regarding this venture.


SW advised that the Festivals Committee only expected a fair rental proposal for their future use, and that CCDC would still continue to erect, dismantle and store the marquee at the end of the summer season.


Resolution 1:  That CCDC negotiate with the Festivals Committee to finalise the marquee arrangements;


Resolution 2:  That the CEO be authorised to negotiate with the Festivals Committee to finalise the marquee arrangements. 

6.4 Grant Applications.

CEO advised the Board that the funding climate was even more difficult since Brexit announcements, as everyone was chasing the same funds. CEO added that we have several applications in the pipeline.   


6.4.1 Estates Management Plan.


North Ayrshire Council provided £20,000 of funding towards an ‘estates management plan’ for Garrison House under the MERAP program.


CEO added that he was concerned that the project seemed to have stalled and met with Mr. Andrew McNair and Mr. Jim Cummings on 19/6/17; to unpack this project find out why it as it has been delayed.


General feedback was that Mr. Kevin Brown and his team had ‘gone off piste’ (not kept to their brief) and that the plan was not ‘investment ready’.


Discussion took place around the reason for thinking the consultants had failed to deliver the plan and how we get it back on track.


CEO added that he has also expressed our general displeasure that as Trustees of this asset we were being constantly ignored, and we had expected this to be completed last October (2016).


CEO further added that our intentions were to get three or four options for this Board to analyze (not for North Ayrshire Council to do this in isolation of the Board).  


Chair added that he has also written to Karen Yeomans (Director Economy and Communities) expressing desire to meet ASAP to discuss. 



6.4.2 New tables and chairs for events


CEO stated that we had applied to SSE Hunterson for a grant of £3,000.00 for new chairs and tables and we had confirmation that we have been awarded £ 2,914.00. 


CEO added that he will need to determine what chairs and tables we keep with North Ayrshire Council; as we will need to store in the DA Hall. 


6.4.3. Garrison House pond development.


CEO stated that we had applied to Common Good Fund and were awarded £5,500.


CEO added that work commenced on 29 March and we have now completed approximately 85% of the ground clearance works. CEO further added that the outline of a new pond is visible and can now be visualised with a waterfall and recirculation system in place. 


CEO stated also that the remaining 15% of the works will be completed within the next four weeks, but we will now need to bring a mechanical digger. The CEO added that we still need to expose all of the internal walls. This will require us creating two new inner walls to make the actual pond size much smaller, as this will require a lot less concrete to line the pool and also minimise the size of the pumps to keep the water pumping and the pond aerated.


CEO further added that our intentions for the Chartered Surveyor to re-visit the site with a professional landscape specialist to cost out our options and provide costs for designs. Once this design work has been costed, CEO will make new grant application for ground works, general beautification, fencing etc. 



6.4.4. Play Park and Activity centre.


CEO advised the Board that the application to Bank of Scotland Foundation for £95,000 to secure a grant to create a children’s play scheme was unsuccessful.


6.4.5 Historic Environmental Scotland (HES)


CEO advised the Board that we know needed to appoint a conservation architect to quantify the volume of repairs works need to Garrison House. CEO stated HES had advised that they were happy for CCDC to appoint Mr. Peter Drummond without going to a formal tender process (he is the appointed CARS architect for North Ayrshire Council).  


CEO reminded the Board (and then newly appointed Directors) that we had made an application to HES to secure a building repair grant and £32,800 was granted but after site visits deemed insufficient by their chief architect, Mr. Ian Lambie.   


CEO added that these fees could be in the region of £6,000 and HES confirmed that we can use 18% of the total fees allocation to use for professional fees. CEO further added that we have also submitted an application for funding to North Ayrshire Council’s Business Development Service who may fund up to 50% of these professional fees.


Discussion took place regarding the funding needed once we had secured the report from Mr. Peter Drummond.


CEO added as requested at last meeting, the CEO had written to Mr. Alan Thompson of Lee Boyd Architects where we outlined our problems and indicated that we needed some assistance in rectifying matters. CEO stated that Mr. Thompson replied and referred us to a CARS architect on the retained HES list, and added that they were not conservation CARS architects.


Further discussion took place regarding the action that we will need to consider with the original restoration funders once we have Peter Drummond advice.


CEO added that he has also discussed how to fund the remaining 50% with Mr. Steven Rees the CEO of Land Trust; who are now the custodians of the land fill tax scheme. CEO advised that has submitted an application for £30,000 towards the costs of repairs.


6.5 Cumbrae Toilets.


CEO advised that we now had a much better understanding of the costs involved in managing these five toilets blocks and that we would need to generate at least £7,500 to cover our expenses.


General discussion took place about how we pay for these ongoing repairs, maintenance and general up keep and the potential of honesty collection boxes and which businesses have taken them.


Chairperson advised that we should now order more of these and ask other retailers to support this initiative.


AH added that he had been approached to see if CCDC would consider opening a community charity shop whose sole purpose was to fund the toilets and ensure that they stayed open.


General discussion took place over the need to protect other charities and that we would need to thread very carefully.


CEO agreed and stated that he had been invited to the meeting with AH and that CCDC would receive a formal proposals and that once received he would circulate this to all Directors for their thoughts and inputs.



7/. AOCB

7.1 Graffiti

CEO advised that he had formally approached the local police and raised a case number for the vandalism caused to the green container within the Garrison House grounds. CEO added that enquiries were continuing.


8/. DONM



Meeting closed 7.20 pm.



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