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Board minutes – 21st March 2016



1. Present
Stephen Dobbin; Christine McCulloch; Davy Stevenson, Graeme Schreiber, Alan Hill, Bob Campbell, Kelly Norton and CEO, Michael Bertram.
Co-opted: Doug Kerr.

2. Apologies

3. Agenda confirmed
1. Present
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of last meeting
4. Matter arising
5. Financial report
6. CEO report
Minutes of last meeting
Proposed – Graeme Schreiber.
Seconded – Bob Campbell.

4. Matters arising
4.1 CEO advised that he believed that all matters were covered in his report.
Chairperson advised that this was correct.

5. Financial report
Chairperson presented the February’s financial statements and took the Directors through the most salient points of the financials. No queries were raised.
Proposed – Davy Stevenson.
Seconded – Kelly Norton.
Resolution 1: February’s financial statements were adopted.

6. CEO Report
CEO advised the Board Directors that were six items contained within his report that required discussion and decisions.
CEO added that he would like to discuss three (3) these items at the same time, as they overlapped each other; namely the Town Hall, the CARS program and Council’s decision to close all toilets in Cumbrae.
The Chairperson advised the CEO to proceed with these three items.
6.1 CARS Project
CEO stated that he had approached council to consider urgent repairs to the Town Hall roof under the CARS program; and he had also had discussions with Cllr Alan Hill on this subject.
Discussion took place around the Town Hall, and the need for these repairs to be effected.
The Chairperson advised that the Festivals Committee had approached him; to inquire if they could erect a second marquee for the Country and Western festival.
Further discussion took place on the inconvenience which many users of the grounds would face if the Town Hall was not fixed.
CEO advised that he had a delegation from council on the 29th of March coming over to look at CCDC involvement with the Town Hall and the toilets.
Discussion took place around the Town’s toilets and how often these are used, did council have that type of information, as it would aid our strategic plans on how and which toilets we would need to focus upon.
The Chairperson asked Cllr Hill when the closure of these toilets would be effective from.
Cllr Alan Hill replied that it would be from 01/04/2017 across the whole of North Ayrshire.
Further discussion took place at the inconvenience to both locals and visitors.
CEO advised that if council were to provide CCDC with a meaningful capital budget, then we could consider taking over this responsibility, but with the current state he could not recommend this to the Board.
Discussion took place around the toilets at the Pier, West Bay and Fintry Bay.
KN asked what state the toilets and shower were in at the pier.
BC stated that they were in a poor condition, and that is why council officials had suggested to us that visiting sailors could rather use the west bay facilities.
Discussion took place around the toilets and showers at West Bay; and the conditions of the grant from Scottish Leader and Council.
CEO advised that he had just received confirmation from Scottish Leader and he will circulate this to all Board Directors.
BC advised that we currently dealt with West Bay and that we would need to take into account water rates, water usage, and electricity and toilet supplies.
DS stated that we need to have a meeting with the football club members regarding the use of these facilities.
Chair agreed, and suggested that the CEO and one or two members meet with the football club as soon as possible.
Resolution 2: It was agreed that the CEO will engage with the football club regards the future use of these facilities.
BC continued to state that over on Arran they had discussions with all the retailers and restaurants, and they would allow visitors to use their toilets.
Discussion took place around the practicality of this, and how we could cope with thousands coming over for festivals.
CEO advised that he had some discussions already with Bill Steele around Fintry Bay; and he has advised that he will only trade from the deck and kiosk this year as he cannot cope with the volume of tourists wanting to use his toilets, as the council toilets are in such poor condition.
Resolution 3: It was agreed to allow CEO to proceed with discussions with council.
6.2 Sports/leisure community project
CEO advised the Board of Directors that he wished to discuss the ‘way forward’ for a purposed sports/leisure community project within our grounds.
Chair added that we also need to consider the Elderly Forum’s position of building a new care home and frail care facilities on the island and that would also provide similar multi-purpose facilities for the general community.
Discussion took place around the use and contents of the proposal.
It was agreed that CCDC Directors would meet a delegation from the Elderly Forum to learn more about this project, and how CCDC could assist them in their endeavours.
Resolution 4: It was agreed to allow CEO to proceed and set-up initial discussions with the Elderly Forum and their consultants.
6.3 Community Pharmacy
CEO advised the Board of Directors that we had submitted an appeal on the outcome of the submission for a Community Pharmacy.
CEO added that it could take up to three (3) months for a decision on the appeal.
Discussion took place around the contents of the appeal, and no further proposals were made until such time as the appeal has been finalised.
6.4 Millport Moorings Project
CEO stated that he also wanted to just briefly touch on the Millport Moorings Project.
Chair agreed, and suggested that the CEO be brief in his summation of this project.
CEO advised that he had some discussions with council on this project, and we were expecting the additional moorings to be laid before Easter, and that we had pushed council for advertising and marketing to advise yachtspersons that we were now charging for these moorings.
Discussion took place around the access to these moorings and the harbour office.
BC advised that we had now taken over the old weigh bridge building, but it would not be a harbour masters office, but rather an office site for collection (of rubbish) and we would take in fees (donations). BC added that we hoped to get £5,000 from council to train volunteers and provide them with suitable clothing for the project.
Chair asked who the mooring committee members were and if they were now a functioning committee.
Discussion took place around the committee, and BC advised that CCDC had set-up this committee at the request of council.
CEO stated that it was a condition of the grant allocation that we form a mooring committee, and we would be meeting next week to pass on what information we had so far, and start the training process.
6.5 Garrison House Café
CEO asked if he could have time to briefly give the Board of Directors an update on inquires he has received on a possible lease for the café.
Chair agreed, and suggested that the CEO be brief.
CEO outlined that he had two new individuals asking about a possible lease.
Discussion took place around the potential and merits/demerits of a third party leasing this space.
CEO was advised that we will not be in a position to consider any offer now that the season has commenced, and that the CEO should inform any interested parties that at this stage the Board of Directors will not entertain any offer to take over the running of the business.

7.1 Business Lodge – GS asked who was using the loge, and ‘what are the terms of its use by the current tenants’. GS added that he had registered his company ‘Taste of Cumbrae’ from the business lodge and someone had been opening his mail, which was from HMRC and this was totally unacceptable and he wished to register his complaints to the Board.
CEO asked GS if the mail was opened at Garrison House or West Lodge. GS replied that it was stated on his mail (HMRC) that it was opened in error at West Lodge.
Chair apologised for the inconveniences, and asked the CEO to investigate how this had happened and to report back as soon as possible and to ensure that other people’s mail is not opened in future.

8. DONM – 9th May 2016.

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