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Board minutes – 21st May 2019



The Chair confirmed the Agenda and that the meeting was quorate. 


  1. Present

  2. Apologies.

  3. Matters Arising

  4. Financial report.

  5. CEO report.

  6. AOCB.

  7. DONM  


1. Present


Chair: Deborah Ferris, Company Treasurer: Stephen Dobbin, David Williamson, Davie Stevenson, Rena McIntyre, Stewart Kennedy and Doug Laidlaw.


2. Apologies.


Bryony McLaughlin.


3. Matters Arising


3.1 CCDC workloads, Appointments of new Directors and ‘Code of Conduct’.


CEO took the Board through his resignation and reason for his decision.


CEO advised that he would conduct a full review of all outstanding tasks and get these into pass-over ready files by week commencing 3 June.


Discussion took place around the appointment of new ‘appointed’ Director and fulfilling the role of Company Secretary.


It was agreed that the CEO would discuss with the Company Auditors as concerns were raised if we do indeed need to appoint Company Secretary. CEO to report back at next board meeting. 


3.2 Garrison House – Legal case with architects 


CEO advised that GHCL Board resolved that the claim must be formalised by the CCDC Board, as they are the owners of the property, but they do wish to litigate.

CEO stated that we now need CCDC to pursue a legal claim against Lee Boyd architects, adding that GHCL are the lease holders and CCDC are the owners of the property.


Discussion took place around the process of appointing a legal advisor and securing the services of an advocate.


Further discussion also took place around the costs of such services and the likelihood of success and being aware that Advocate Mr. Stuart MacFarlane has been working on the case ‘pro bono’ so far.


Resolution 1: CEO to advise Mr. Stuart Macfarlane that we wish to proceed with his services to submit a legal claim against Lee Boyd Architects.


It was further resolved that the CEO is mandated to discuss with fees, possibility of success and the appointment of a preferred solicitor to work with Advocate MacFarlane.


Resolution 2: CEO to seek guidance and clarify costs and success factors with Mr. Stuart Macfarlane.


3.3 Feedback on Garrison House land improvements and operation with NAC.


CEO presented an overview of the past months activities.


General discussion took place around the upcoming events.


CEO was asked for clarity on the progress with North Ayrshire Council.


CEO advised that he had two good site meetings with Mr. Iain Wilson [Council architect] and a detailed email reply [which was circulated] which indicated that there were no ‘physical’ impediments to our vision. 


General discussion took place over the alterations needed within the Garrison House and the other buildings within Garrison Estate.


CEO advised further that it was resolved at the last North Ayrshire Council ‘Garrison Estate’ meeting that council would make their experts available to us and that there would be capital funds available. 


Further discussion also took place around the costs of such alterations.


CEO advised that the last communication received from North Ayrshire Council seemed to be shifting back from the offer of support and suggested that we approach CARS for support.


General discussion took place the next meeting with North Ayrshire Council scheduled for 6 June 2019 and our approach. Request that we move the meeting to a Wednesday, where more Directors could be available to attend.


CEO advised that he would try to get the meeting date changed.


3.4 MHAL improvements & renovations.


CEO advised that he had liaised with the Chair and delivered a letter of thanks and notification of need to step down as a Director of MHAL to Mr. Alan Hill.


CEO advised that he had also needed to liaise with Stephen Dobbin on the ordering and delivery of urgent white goods [due to the life of the fridges/cookers expiring]. 


General discussion took place over the purchasing of white goods and storage of these goods.


CEO advised that where we could, we always purchased locally. 


CEO added that we had also ordered a new sofa bed from Ikea for flat Spoig, as reported last month [it was past its sell by date].


CEO further advised that we needed to take a decision on long term structures for MHAL, their servicing and the ongoing renovations and upgrades to the apartments


3.5 Public toilets.


CEO advised that problems were starting to escalate with number of caravanettes using the Pierhead toilets and draining their sanitation units into our toilets and sinks.


General discussion took place over the problem and how we could alleviate this in the long term.


CEO stated that he is still trying to source additional funding from grant funders to cover anticipated short-falls for 2019. CEO added that we had submitted six applications this past month, with two replies, with both being negative replies.


Further discussion also took place around the ‘look and feel’ of the new signage developed with QR codes and detailed informative sheets.  Advice given on changes needed to the CEO.


CEO advised that there is also a new Government Initiative, which CEO will try and see if we qualify for assistance, which is the ‘Investing in Communities Fund’ (ICF).


CEO stated that he has now sorted out the problems with registering the CCDC charity account details with ‘Just Giving’ platform.


CEO further advised that as discussed in last two meetings, CEO opened a new bank account at RBS and has now successfully draw down the funds from the ‘Just Giving’ platform into the CCDC account and will now close the other account.


4. Financial report.


CEO advised that due to computer problems we were unable to present April’s financials.


Company Treasurer added further, that he had worked on the presentation but had encountered hardware problems and that they would be made available at the June Board meeting.


5. CEO report.


CEO advised that most of his report had already been covered in the ‘matters arising’ section.


5.1 Cumbrae Action Regeneration Scheme (CARS) project.

CEO advised that the CARS architects have been to view the premises, early feedback is not positive and awaiting final written report on the conditional survey of the old wash house. 

5.2 Garrison Rose Garden Grant Application


CEO advised that we were looking to raise £5,500 to kick start this project and stated that we have now managed to raise all of the funds.


CEO added that North Ayrshire Council Community Investment Fund provided £3,472 towards the project. £1,000 came from Tesco’s ‘plastic bag’ project fund and £1,000 from a separate donor. 


GHCL Chair advised that he and CEO, will start the preparation and sourcing of the roses and will keep Directors up-to-date with progress on this project.


6. AOCB.

No matters were raised under AOCB.

7. DONM  


11 June 2019.


Meeting closed at 19h00.

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