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Board minutes – 16th May 2017

  1. Agenda confirmed

  2. Present

  3. Aplogies

  4. Matters arising

  5. Financials

  6. CEO report

  7. AOCB

  8. DONM


1/. Agenda

Chair confirmed the agenda as correct and advised if there was any additions that they could be picked up under any other company business (AOCB).


2/. Present

Stephen Dobbin (Chair); Scott Watson; David Williamson, Douglas Kerr, Darren McLachlan, Dougie Laidlaw and CEO, Michael Bertram.


3/. Apologies

Davy Stevenson, Alan Hill and Kelly Norton.


May’s minutes were approved by Scott Watson and seconded by Douglas Kerr.  


4. Matters arising


4.1 Offer to purchase a MHAL flat.


CEO advised that we needed to discuss the offer received for the sale of flat “Bute”.


Discussion took place over the offer and investment made in MHAL units.


CEO advised that we had not invested in this flat in three years, and that there would be some funds needed to be allocated to bring the exterior and internal corridors up to date.


Further discussion took place over the offer and if it represented good value for money.


Resolution 1: that the CEO be authorised to accept the offer on Bute of £52,000.


4.2 Consultancy Fees for development of a marina.

CEO advised that he had circulated the final report from Mr. Martin Latimer and that CCDC had paid for the study. CEO added that he had discussed payment of the study with Cllr Alan Hill who confirmed that NAC would pay for this study.


CEO continued to add that he had discussed this option with Ms. Patria Rowley, the project manager and that council were willing to pay CCDC for the study.


General discussion took place over the contents of the report and the best way forward for developing a marina within the proposed Stormwater defence breakwaters.


Chair advised that he felt that the best way forward was to take a ‘holding’ position and see what the council consultant’s next proposals were and that we support island pressure groups to ensure that the best environmental and economic outcomes were assured for Cumbrae.


Resolution 2:  that the CEO be authorised to advise Cumbrae Community Council and the Pier and Harbour group of CCDC’s position.  

5/. Financials


The Chair presented April 2017 financial statements and progress towards the budget for the forthcoming year.


April’s financial statements were subsequently approved and were proposed by Scott Watson and seconded by Darren McLachlan.


6/. CEO Report


CEO advised that he was conscious of time constraints, and he would move quickly though the most important items requiring discussion. The Chairperson advised the CEO to proceed with these items. 

6.1 Cumbrae Toilets.


CEO advised that we now had a much better understanding of the costs involved in managing these five toilets blocks and that we would need to generate at least £7,500 to cover our expenses.


Discussion took place about how we pay for these ongoing repairs, maintenance and general up keep.


Discussion took place over the potential of honesty collection boxes and which businesses have taken them.

Chairperson advised that we should rather ask them to be used as ‘payment facilities’ rather than collection boxes, and this will take way some of the fear that it will; detract from other goods causes.


SW advised that he was working with the CEO on developing an ‘app’ which could be used to alert users and also get small donations via ‘near field communications systems’ similar to QR codes.  SW added that we also had access to the web link “”


Chair advised that his was a good idea, and SW and the CEO should continue to work on this concept.


General discussion took place around the costs of supplying the portaloos to festival committee and the costs of using a bowser to empty the holding tanks and the festival portaloos.


CEO advised that he would make representation via GHCL Board to the Festival Committee on the costs involved in hiring, cleaning and emptying the new psortaloos.


CEO advised that it was his intention to place A4 holders in the toilets advising visitors that they were managed now by the community on behalf of visitors and the community, and those involved in the programme could have their names added to the acknowledgments of sponsors.


Chairperson advised that we develop a sign that we could use in toilets and shop windows stating “Save our Toilets’ with payment facilities inside on the sticker. 


Chair advised that this was a good idea, and the CEO should progress with this idea, and work closely with SW on the website and apps concept.


DL added that we need to get better signage up and around the existing toilets, as many people did not know where they were when they first visit the island. 


Chair asked SW to advise where we were with council assisting in painting the toilets and the sea walls.


SW stated that he had met with the council officials (Mr. Dave McKay) and Cllr Alan Hill to understand fully what would be needed to repair and repainting the sea walls and the toilet blocks.


SW added that he was informed that the condition of the sea walls as such that they would need professional blasting and repair. He has queried the time needed and was informed that it would take a crew of six four weekends to complete the job.


Questions were asked about the condition of the toilet block.


SW stated that he was told that it was probably in the same condition, and would need a good chemical blast and binding materials to ensure that any future painting would stick and last more than one season. 


7/. AOCB


7.1 Festivals

CEO explained that he had asked SW to bring the CCDC Board up-to-date with developments for the festival season ahead.

CEO handed out latest copies of the events calendar.

SW advised that the newly rebranded Millport Country Music Festival (the ex-‘Country and Western’ festival) was progressing well and hoped to bring in much bigger and well-known artists and that it would help change the clientele coming to this event.  

SW added that the Festivals Committee needed to have CCDC support to keep the toilets open 24Hours and to lease the new portaloos for the camping area.

The Chairperson advised that we would support longer opening ours for the toilet blocks, but that GHCL must determine the costs of leasing the portaloos.


8/. DONM

19 June 2017.


Meeting closed 7.10 pm.







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