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Board Minutes - 6th Nov 2017​

1.  Agenda

2.  Present

3.  Apologies

4.  Matters Arising

4.1 Presentation from Festivals Committee by Gavin Chittick.

4.2 AGM – 15 November 2017. 

4.3 Adoption of 2016/7 Financials.

4.4 Conversion to SCIO and changes to our constitution.  

4.5 Toilets – way forward.    

4.6 Financials – October 2017.

6.  CEO report

7.  AOCB

8.  DONM 


Proposed by Bryony McLachlan and seconded David Williamson.



1/. Agenda


The Chair (SD) confirmed the agenda as correct.


CEO that as Festivals Committee were now present, could we ask them to present their proposals for the 2018 event.


Chair confirmed that we could proceed with their presentations. 


 2/. Present


Stephen Dobbin (Chair), Scott Watson (Vice-Chair), Bryony McLachlan, Davie Stevenson, David Williamson, Douglas Kerr, Robert Pringle, and CEO, Michael Bertram.


3/. Apologies


Darren McLachlan, Alan Hill, James Taberner, Dougie Laidlaw and Deborah Ferris sent their apologies.


4. Matters arising


September’s minutes were approved by Scott Watson and seconded by Bryony McLachlan.



4.1 Presentation from Millport Festival Committee (MFC).


CEO invited Gavin Chittick, Christine Chittick and Robert Cunninghame to the CCDC meeting.


A PowerPoint presentation as handed out to CCDC Directors and they were taken through the proposal to host the 2018 festival within the Garrison House grounds.


MFC outlined their plans were to seek permission to install the ‘Nashville’ concept in the rough camping section, rather than hold on the Breakough Farm land [as in 2017].


General discussion took place around the positioning of the marquees, toilets and food venues and the associated costs of Garrison House being used for the entire festival weekend. 


Resolution 1 – The CCDC Board agreed that the Garrison House grounds could be utilised for the 2018 Millport Country Music Festival event.



4.2 AGM – 15 November 2017. 


CEO advised that Mr. Kevin Brown of Kp Associates had confirmed that he would be attending and would make a short presentation on the completion of the garrison house master plans.


In addition, CEO advised that at the last GHCL meeting [1st November 2017] the GHCL Board had approved the plans for a multipurpose centre to include a swimming pool. CEO added that there was a proviso made being that should the project encounter serous opposition to funding a pool, then that component would be withdrawn.

CEO added, that we would also like to further advise that he has met again with local architect, Mr. Ken Robertson who will revise his original site plans and drawings, and these will be mounted on A2 mount boards, and be available at the AGM.  


4.3 Adoption of 2016/7 Financials.


The Chair, Mr. Stephen Dobbin presented the annual financial statements, and took the CCDC through the balance sheets, income statements, and ‘profit and loss’ statements.

No questions were raised from the floor. 


The CCDC signed off the accounts.


David Williamson (DW) proposed the accounts and Douglas Kerr (DK) seconded the accounts as approved.   


Resolution 2:  That CCDC approve the financial year accounts.



4.4 Conversion to SCIO and changes to our constitution.  


CEO advised that one of the reasons for the delays in competing this year final accounts were new demands made on charities by the introduction of FRS102 directive.


CEO added, that the biggest change was that all assets now needed to be valued, if used as revenue producing assets. 


CEO stated that OSCR recommended itself that charities conversion to SCIO; which does not require audited accounts and assets do not need to be valued.  


General discussion took place around charities conversion to SCIO.


Resolution 3:  That CCDC raise the issue at the AGM.


4.5 Toilets – way forward


CEO stated that he needed advice on the Public Toilets – “shop with charitable aims" concept.


CEO advised that following on from the last Board meeting and Angie McCullum’s suggestion several questions were raised by Directors.

General discussion took place around the business plan and how we could hand over to Angie McCullum’s as she is not a constituted body.

Further discussion took place and members expressed concerns as they had previously thought that this was a request form the Cumbrae Community Council and not a private individual.

CEO advised on the latest spreadsheets on the costs of running the toilets, and spreadsheets had been emailed to all Directors examining the toilets costs and revenues received so far.

CEO summarized the current position of the management and maintenance of the toilets:-  

  • CCDC management covers seven months, so this basically a ‘half year’ picture only.

  • Total Costs spent so far amount to £ 19,424.61 and Revenue is £21,521.64.   


General discussion took place around the associated costs and the proposal for a shop with charitable aims to cover the ongoing costs of the running of the public toilets.


Resolution 4 – The Board need to see an updated business plan form the consortium represented by Angie McCullum.




Resolution 5 – The Board advised the CEO to continue discussion with outside contractors on a full service model.   



5/. Financials


Chair presented October 2017 financials and took the Board through the salient points.


The financial statements were subsequently approved and were proposed by Scott Watson and seconded by Bryony McLachlan.


Resolution 6 – October’s financials were formally adopted.


6/. CEO Report


CEO advised that he was conscious of time constraints, and he would move quickly through the most important items requiring discussion. 

The Chair advised the CEO to proceed with the CEO report.

6.1 Garrison House Estates Management Plan.


CEO advised that he had now received the final approved master plans from Elaine Trop, CARS manager of North Ayrshire Council.


CEO outlined that we know had an Executive Summary, as required, but that it was still a large piece of work running to 66 pages.


General discussion took place around the need to speed up the process of finalising these plans.



7/. AOCB

7.1 Cumbrae Economic Forum


DW advised the CCDC Board that he was extremely pleased with the progress made so far.


DW added that he was intending to bring a lot of the community groups chairs together on Thursday the 9th in the Garrison House.


8/. DONMTBC.  


Meeting closed 7.40 pm.

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