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Meeting Chaired by: Deborah Ferris

Also present: Stewart Kennedy, David Stevenson, Stephen Dobbin, Doug Laidlaw and Jan Wilkie.

Apologies:  Rena McIntyre and David Williamson

Invited to attend: Cllr. Tom Marshall

Minutes of meeting held 1.10.19 approved by SK and seconded by DS


DF welcomed Councillor Tom Marshall to our meeting and SK took the opportunity to introduce those present to Cllr. Marshall.

SD in RMc’s absence, went through the paperwork she had prepared for this meeting for the Directors and Cllr. Marshall’s benefit.       

PUBLIC TOILETS                                                                                                                                                                          

SD was delighted to be able to confirm that a donation of £1,500 had been received from the Elderly Forum towards Public Toilet running costs.  Specifically the costs incurred at Croc Rock Public Toilets, as the Elderly Forum had kindly donated on previous occasions to these particular facilities.  SD made Cllr. Marshall aware that we also distribute collection tins to local businesses throughout the town and these are brought in, emptied, re-issued and the donations counted in a timely fashion.  SD also explained to Cllr. Marshall that, this year, we have produced a 2020 Calendar to aid toilet fundraising and that 100 copies have been ordered.  It is hoped that this is something we will be able to look at producing annually to aid funds.  SD took the opportunity to then ask Cllr. Marshall if NAC would be in a position to offer CCDC any funding assistance with the public toilets going forward.

Cllr. Marshall explained that there was no funding available.

SD then showed all present a copy of a letter and donation slip which has been prepared to go out to local businesses on the island, seeking a contribution towards the operating costs of our Public Toilets.

DS made Cllr. Marshall aware that work has been carried out in October of this year at our Cumbrae Slip and Fintry Bay Public Toilets, after we successfully applied and gained funding from Land Trust for the provision of a new sewerage system at Cumbrae Slip and a new tank at Fintry.  This will result in us drastically cutting our costs, as it will not be necessary to pay for these tanks to be emptied 6 – 8 times a year (dependant on usage) and we are expecting to make a saving of £3,000 + on an annual basis.

SD explained that a grant application has also been submitted to Calmac by RMc for £5,000 annually, for 5 years.  We are currently awaiting a response from Calmac. 

Cllr. Marshall pointed out that the Cumbrae Slip is in fact owned by CMAL (Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd.) and not Calmac.  However he did agree with the point made by DS that during the summer months the Calmac staff, who are based on Cumbrae Slip, do make use of our Cumbrae Slip toilet facilities.

SD asked Cllr. Marshall if he thought we (CCDC), should ask Calmac for a levy on fares to support the running of our Public Toilets.

Cllr. Marshall explained that this had been considered over in Arran but was not viable.

SD said that he believed legislation at Holyrood would have to pass a tourism Tax.

Cllr. Marshall explained that this was not something which NAC wanted to happen.

SD asked if we (CCDC) would have to contact NAC initially before approaching CMAL regarding such a legislation.

Cllr. Marshall explained that no, that was not a route he would recommend being taken.

Cllr. Marshall asked the Board as to whether a donation box in each of the public toilet buildings had been considered.

JW explained that it had been discussed some time ago but ruled out due to concerns of theft of the said donation boxes and also having to arrange for personnel to empty the boxes on a regular basis.


SD then provided background on the issue we have with our windows and water ingress.   SD explained to Cllr. Marshall that we had endeavoured to get some form of compensation from the builders involved in the restoration of Garrison House – Hunter Clark and from the architects involved Lee Boyd but had been unsuccessful.  Original costings for repairs had been suggested as between £30,000 - £40,000 but sadly when Peter Drummond provided us with a Garrison House, Defective Masonry & Joinery Work Summary Report, the costings figure quoted was £114,000 + vat.

Cllr. Marshall asked what the main cause of the leaks were.

DS explained that the windows were all poorly fitted, using the wrong type of wood, were only single glazed and no internal putty was used on the windows. DS said that in his opinion, 90% of the water ingress was through the windows.

JW took the opportunity to make the Board aware that she had been speaking with Stephen Rees of Land Trust with regards to funding for the building and he believed it was possible that they may be able to offer us some assistance.  Also to point us in the direction of other funding available for building repairs and other projects CCDC are considering.  A more lengthy discussion is planned w/c 25.11.19.

Cllr. Marshall informed the Board that Crown Estates currently have £18 million available to go to Coastal Communities.  Cllr. Marshall suggested the Board contact their Finance Director for more information.  In the meantime, we need to decide on specific projects we are taking on and do background work and a business plan, to put forward with our funding applications.


SD explained to Cllr. Marshall that we (CCDC & GH Boards), have been looking at ways to utilize the space within Garrison House and its grounds.  One such possibility is to develop an area of our grounds for the provision of services & parking for motorhomes.  We have had an annual Motorhome Meet held within the grounds for the last 3 or 4 years for a 3-5 night stay and it has proven to be very successful.  Naturally because Garrison House grounds is utilized by many groups for various events throughout the year, it is challenging to be able to provide for all.

Cllr. Marshall said that we need to develop an income generator.  Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) is being brought in by NAC but not on the Isle of Cumbrae as yet.

SD raised the point that previously CCDC had looked into the possibility of creating a carpark on the island, out with Garrison House Grounds but until parking restrictions were put in place on the island, it would serve no purpose as you can’t herd people to a parking area for which you pay, if free parking is available on the streets of Millport.  General discussion took place on this topic amongst those present.


SD let all present know that feedback from RMc’s visit to facilities up the west coast – Oban, Kerrara, Loch Aline was very positive.

SK commented that it was good to see the various groups on the island coming together – a definite step forward which can only develop further.

Cllr. Marshall commented that after the £20 - £30 million funding which was made available for the flood defences on the island.  CCDC are in a good position to take advantage of Growth Deals and Ayrshire’s Grant Development which is releasing £320 million over a 10 year period for the development of Coastal Tourism and Step Ashore Facilities, such as those seen at the North Pier Development in Oban.


SD explained that RMc has been looking into possible funding opportunities which would allow CCDC to employ personnel in trainee positions in both the grounds – as a trainee grounds person and within our office in Garrison House.  Such traineeships would be with no guaranteed offer of employment at the end of training, unless that was something we were, as a company, in a position to offer as such.

Cllr. Marshall explained that Modern Apprentices are utilised at Cunninghame House and that enquires could be made there for more information.

SD then provided Cllr. Marshall with background re. the post of CEO – applicants etc.

Cllr. Marshall asked, as Jan is doing the job right now, do we (CCDC) need a CEO.  Cllr. Marshall continued by saying that his recommendation was, to ask Jan to continue in her role and offer her a position and salary accordingly.  He also suggested that Directors, individually, take on a particular ‘segment’ of what is needed.

DF explained that time constraints were the issue, as the majority of our Directors worked full time and many were involved in work which was seasonal and based around the busier months of the year on the island.

Cllr. Marshall suggested that the Directors therefore looked at taking on less during high season.

SK asked Cllr. Marshall what his opinions were on shows in the Garrison House Grounds.

Cllr. Marshall said he was aware that some people felt that shows being visible at the front of the grounds was not right and this matter has been discussed before.  However, his recommendation was don’t move them if it means you will lose them.

Cllr. Marshall finished by suggesting that CCDC hold a public meeting for the benefit of the community, letting them know where CCDC are re. the Public toilets and also any project(s) they are pursuing and then prepare a business plan(s), which he can look at.  In the meantime he will look at any funding available and get back to us.

The Board thanked Cllr. Marshall for all of his input and he left the meeting at 6pm.


JW showed the Directors the costings provided by Bob Campbell in relation to the winter maintenance required within the close at 8 Quayhead and within each of our 7 apartments.  Work required within all shower rooms and replacement of soft furnishings, bedding, crockery etc.  DF read out to the Board the information provided by BC.

Those present agreed that what we need to do now is to get costings from ideally, local tradesmen on the island in relation to the painting and decorating required, maintenance work – i.e. gutters attended to etc.  JW to contact relevant tradesmen and invite them to submit a quote.

General discussion took place in regards to our next CCDC AGM which is expected to be held at the end of February 2020 and then possible again at the end of November 2020.  Further discussions to take place.

DS provided the Board with information of consumables which are required for use within Garrison House grounds over the coming months, i.e. salt, pea gravel, cement etc.  The Board gave the go-ahead for the ordering of salt for the winter months and other materials to be ordered in the New Year.

MEETING HELD BETWEEN REPRESENTATIVES OF CCDC BOARD AND MR BOB CAMPBELL – 15TH OCTOBER 2019 Chaired by: Rena McIntyre, also present: Deborah Ferris, David Stevenson, Bob Campbell, Ross Goldie, Janice Healy and Jan Wilkie.

Discussion took place with regards to the above meeting at which members of the former MMFA Committee were present.   At the request of Ross Goldie, it is hereby minuted as follows:

At no point did the CCDC Board, in an official capacity, say there had been any neglect, fraudulent behaviour or otherwise involving any members of the MMFA Committee and CCDC took MMFA back in house for other reasons.

JW has discussed the matter of the remaining grant we received which is currently with CCDC, with Kathleen Dow of North Ayrshire Council and she has confirmed that this funding is to remain with CCDC to go towards ongoing, annual maintenance costs. – An example being the £666.60 spent this summer on new mooring buoys and pick up ropes.

JW explained that Janice Healy had asked for a public apology as to why, so she was led to believe, a CCDC Director had been quoted as saying that she – Janice Healy, had bullied a fellow MMFA Committee member and that it had been recorded within the minutes of a meeting as such.  JW subsequently, referred to the minutes taken at both MMFA and CCDC meetings during the period of time this alleged incident of bullying had occurred but could find no record of this having ever been minuted as having taken place.


Date of next meeting to be confirmed as Board considering shorter, weekly meetings, over the winter months.



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