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Strategic Aim 1

To position Great Cumbrae as a successful destination


It is essential that we are clear which markets we are competing for and against whom we are competing.  
CCDC will prioritise our visitor markets by those that deliver the most benefit and those that have the greatest potential for growth.
We must recognise and acknowledge that we are not in the league of Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh, but we should aim to position ourselves alongside similar island communities in the eyes of our target markets.      
CCDC will benchmark ourselves against those destinations which we wish to compete against.


We must prioritise our efforts by focusing on the target markets where we can realise the growth in value. Domestic visitors remain a priority and we will continue to focus on the shifting demographics of visitors, and the nature and length of their stay.
Internationally, we will follow the focus of Visit Britain, Visit Scotland and locally ‘Ayrshire and Arran’ including private packaged leisure travel operators already operating and promoting the Western Isles and including visits to Great Cumbrae


We must develop a multi-channel promotional campaign that drives key messages to identified targets audiences. We will initiate a strong focus on media engagement, enabling the travel and lifestyle media to tell our story on our behalf.
We will maximise the impact of all our activity by working in partnership and by seeking match funding for available resources whenever possible, from both the public and private sector.  


We need to improve co-ordination within the sector and work in partnership to maximise the use of available resources aligned to the tourism economy.


We will closely track the impact of the promotional activities undertaken, in order to ensure they each deliver maximum return on investment for both the Isle of Great Cumbrae as a visitor destination and for the funding partners involved.  
We must also invest in perception surveys to understand if, and how, we are shifting perceptions across our priority markets.  


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