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Strategic Aim 5

To create a memorable place to 'live and visit'



Our 2020 vision must envisage that Great Cumbrae is a place where people come to do things, whether it’s attending a wedding, a business meeting, or going to a concert, or a festival event. 


There is no doubt that Millport is well positioned and capable of hosting major events, but with increasing competition it is critical that we maintain and grow our position and develop a strong ‘brand’ for this island.




Business events have been largely ignored due to physical constraints and are an area of huge opportunity for a public-private partnership.


Business fund-raisers have been successfully conducted at several venues including the Town Hall and this is one venue that may be converted through a PPP programme.


The island will benefit from the new project at MSC Millport from both an availability of new conference space and inexpensive accommodation.


Leisure business – huge opportunity to increase the wedding, honeymoon and incentive travel business sectors.


Garrison House is used for small weddings, and grounds available for marquee venue. There are several other venues that could be developed for large weddings; but we are lacking an up-market quality venue.


Millport and the waters surrounding the Islands of Cumbrae offer exceptional access to water for the widest range of experience, from children taking their first paddle in the sea through to those wanting a full Ocean Master’s Certificate.


The National Sports Centre (Sport Scotland’s National Centre) gives the Isle of Great Cumbrae a huge advantage over our competitors; with greater focus and support, will benefit a larger section of the local economy. 




Culture and heritage can be found in abundance within the Isle of Great Cumbrae; with improved packaging children’s sport could be greatly enhanced on the island.

These investments will provide greater incentives for family ‘staycation’ holidays and power breaks for stressed family executives.


Wet weather facilities would greatly enhance the island’s marketability and allow focused targeting of numerous school group activities. 




We must focus on attracting those events that resonate with the ‘brand’ values of Isle of Great Cumbrae, seeking out business and leisure tourism opportunities that highlight and support our culture and heritage.




We must build our networks across Scotland to support development and delivery of events, whatever their size and duration, to reduce seasonality on the island.


We must work with the industry to improve the quality and competitiveness of our offer, and to leverage support for investment opportunities.


We need to improve our combined bidding for major events within North Ayrshire Council’s district and beyond.  




We will monitor the value and volume of our business and leisure tourism. In addition, we will measure the success of our bids for hosting events, conferences, weddings, meetings and incentive activities.   


These five aims will be discussed and thereafter developed into a five year plan with annual and quarterly objectives, targets and budgets.

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