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Minutes of Committee Meeting


Thursday 10th June 2021 at 7pm


Present: DF / SD / DS / DW / AJ & JW


Minutes from meeting held 11th May 2021

Approved by: DF  Seconded by: DL




1.  Note /minute taker

2.  Cathedral Pods

3.  Garrison House and grounds

4.  Public Toilets

5.  MHAL



Due to coronavirus restrictions this meeting was held via Zoom



1. Note minute taker

David Williamson offered to be note /minute taker for meeting


2. Cathedral pods

All directors were in favour of the building of the pods, however felt we could not issue a letter of support as the chosen site was of concern and support from other island groups was negative.


3. Garrison House and Grounds

a)  Staffing was discussed due to loss of one staff member due to health issues.

b)  JW had a Zoom Meeting with NAC Snr Manager for Information and Culture to discuss the utilization of space by NAC here at Garrison House. Further meetings will be required.

c)  Cafe have requested meeting to review Café lease - JW to arrange.

d)  Library will reopen from Friday 18th June 2021, on a Friday afternoon only.

 e)  Motor Home site – JW has recorded suggestions made by motorhome users on our site by way of improving the site going forward.  General feedback is all very positive.

In relation to a by-law re. motorhome parking on the shore road, Millport – discussions are ongoing – driven by CCC, in discussion with NAC.  However, no decision will be made on the matter during 2021.

f)  NAVT- Successful application with funding approved for additional part time assistant.

g)  Enquiry made by member of the community into the upgrading of the pathway, through the grounds, in front of the Garrison House main entrance to make it more wheelchair / pushchair friendly.  JW to research funding opportunities when able but to be noted that funding very much focused on Covid-19 related matters at present.


4. Public Toilets

a) Croc Rock- Vandalism has occurred during last two weekends with cubicle frames broken and entry door wedged open. Board will review during the season and consider increased staff surveillance and /or CCTV if deemed necessary.


b) West Bay Public Toilet Block – discussion required with NAC regarding installation of coin pay facilities. NAC to clarify.

c) No update to date from NAC re. asset transfer at Fintry Bay.


 5. MHAL

 8, Quayhead - external crack has been treated and internal paintwork to wall completed on      6th June 2021. Floor still to be painted.

Quote for external walls at 8 Quayhead (front and back) is £3650 + cost of paint.

Still awaiting date for Jura shower room work to commence and further discussion / enquiries to be made re the consideration of the installation of Wi-Fi in the apartments.





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