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Board minutes (Zoom meeting) – 16.03.2021

1.     Note /minute taker 

2.     IT

3.     Public Toilets

4.     Furloughed staff

5.     Board members

6.      Motor Homes hard standing

7.      Radio Station Lease

8.      MHAL

9.      Community Garden

10.    GH Water ingress

11.    NAC Lease

12.    Business Plan- Community engagement

13.    Watersports Centre update




Due to coronavirus restrictions this meeting was held via ZOOM:


1. Note minute taker

David Williamson offered to be note /minute taker for meeting


2. IT

It was agreed to proceed with purchase of IT equipment to allow JW to connect the laptop purchased for home working at first lockdown to office system. Final invoice for laptop purchase, new printer, IT support, ink and paper since  March 2021 estimated at £1,100. 


3. Public Toilets

We await word from Sanctuary as to whether they will be able to contribute towards the cost of a Healthmatic Coin Pay Door at the Bomb Shelter toilet block


It was agreed to fit Healthmatic coin pay units to 3 doors at Slip toilet and to external door at West Bay toilet block at an estimated cost of £1,300 + vat.


Door entry charge was agreed at 40p.  Coin pays will take 10p, 20p. 50p and £1 coins but cannot facilitate the offering of change back. 


CCDC have been informed (via Angus Campbell – Ferry Users Group ), that CMAL wish to discuss the matter of Cumbrae Slip Public Toilets with us at Jan to contact CMAL to discuss further.


“Buy a tile” proposal by Jim Thompson was agreed as a good fundraising option. D.W to discuss with JT to gain full details of costs and suggested roll out and process for public and businesses to purchase tiles including limit of text and colours etc. The durability of tiles / colours etc. also needs to be confirmed.


The contract/tender for cleaning of toilets will be posted for bidders on CCDC Facebook Page. Any interested parties can contact CCDC directly for full details. Current Contract holder (All Kleen) intend to submit a tender application once again. 


Fintry Toilet. CCDC will contact NAC in relation to the lease of these facilities.


4. Furloughed Staff

It was agreed that we continue with current situation until end February, to see if there is a further Government update in relation to guidelines.


5. Board members

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, it was agreed that all Board members will remain on board beyond their assigned retirement dates. This has been minuted as such at this evening’s meeting as stated and will be looked at when CCDC are able to hold their AGM. 


6. HIE funding

CCDC are to look further at possible funding through HIE for the introduction of a booking system for the motorhomes within the GH website or the possibility of re-building the whole website.


7. Radio Station Lease.

 2 year advance rental for West Lodge has been received from Cumbrae Community Radio . We will leave things for now till more information available regarding future of West Lodge.



It was agreed to accept the quotation for new roller blinds in apartments through a local company.

Further upgrading work continues in a number of apartments

It was agreed by all present to offer any flats that are unoccupied at the time for emergency use to any visitors stranded on Cumbrae via the new Cumbrae Resilience Team


9. Community Gardens

Jan provided an update on recent email and telephone exchanges regarding finding an acceptable solution to the lease holder situation. This dialogue will continue between all parties hopefully to an agreed outcome.


10. Garrison House -further water ingress

Due to recent strong Easterly winds, further water ingress has been identified. It was agreed that the tradesperson used previously, would be asked to confirm that he can address this matter urgently, along with his ongoing work scope.


11. NAC Lease

It was agreed this will require a separate meeting which will be arranged within the next 2 weeks or so.


12. Business Plan

The Business Plan targets require public discussion. Due to Covid restrictions, it was agreed to do this via website and local paper with any comments being returned by email / letter or handed into Millport Post office. 


13. Watersports Centre

CCDC await update on status of the facility and proposed community asset transfer being possible. 




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