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Minutes of Committee Meeting


Thursday 11th May 2021





1.  Note /minute taker 

2.  Previous minutes

3.  Garrison House and grounds

4.  Public Toilets



Due to coronavirus restrictions this meeting was held via ZOOM: attendees DF, DS, DW, DL & JW



1. Note minute taker

David Williamson offered to be note /minute taker for meeting

2. Previous meeting Minutes

Previous minutes taken 6.4.21, approved by: DS and seconded by DF

3. Garrison House and Grounds



a) NHS – CARPET FOR DR MALIK’S CONSULTING ROOM - quotation received and approved by the Board. Dr Malik made alteration to flooring choice and has offered to pay the difference.  This was accepted by the Board

MEETING WITH NHS RE GARRISON HOUSE – planned for 26.5.21 at 1.40pm.  SD, DS and JW to take part.


b) MOTORHOME SITE – thanks to DS, soil iro 40 tonnes to be delivered by 21st May 2021 and stones due for delivery 17th or 18th May 2021.  Cold tar for lip at entrance to site to be also ordered and signage currently in production and noticeboard ordered.

Board to consider the purchase of a harrow for stones and push mower for cutting between pitches.

DS suggested a wooden fence to create a boundary for the pitches to the RHS as you look to the sea.  Alternatively, a natural privet hedge which would be less expensive and would be in keeping with hedging in front of DA Hall.  JW to discuss with Kathryn at HIE. 

The Board made the decision to keep the price of an overnight stay on the site at £15 per night (including use of EHU) and review going forward.


c) RAMP ACCESS BY ASTRO TURF – JW spoke with NAC and planning permission is required for the creation of a ramp at this entrance and unlikely to be exempt from planning application fee, as that only applies when it is for an entrance into a building. Standard fee is £401.  JW to discuss with A. Hill and carry out further research.


d) BIOMASS SYSTEM – Board happy to continue with current boiler feed supply company as service has been excellent to date.



All Kleen enquired about the possible renting of MB’s old office at West Lodge in the future.  Board happy to discuss with All Kleen when offered more information re. timescale and confirmation of what this space will be utilized for.



MCMF 2021 - Gavin & Christine Chittick have confirmed, after much deliberation, that MCMF will not take place this year and JW provided the Board with the information on how this decision was reached. 

The Chittick’s requested that the Board did not share the information on the decision reached until an announcement was made later in the week.  The Board were happy to do this.


CLASSIC CAR EVENT – committee requested that a date in September 2021 be considered in light of Covid-19.  This to be looked at as the year progresses and would be assessed according to government guidelines in place at the time and NAC’s policy on licenses for events.


g) STAFFING – JW reminded Board that we will very soon need to look at employing additional staff at the weekends at Garrison House as our new Motorhome Site becomes busier and NAC are hoping to open more Libraries within North Ayrshire (includes Saturday openings in Millport).  JW to investigate an application to The Better Green Fund. – with the main role of a new staff member being the overseeing of the site plus the additional cleaning & checking of toilet facilities onsite in line with Covid-19 guidelines and checking of grounds – litter, bins etc

Further staffing matters, including salaries were then discussed and agreed upon.


h) NAVT – JW confirmed she had submitted an application looking for funding over a 2- or 3-year period – 16 hours per week, for an administrator.  Main role being that of developing the motorhome site, dealing with holiday apartment bookings and matters relating to our public toilets.  Focus being to improve facilities, encourage more usage as we come out of the pandemic and build and generating income for the community as we try to boost tourism.


i) COURTYARD UNITS – Consideration being given to Cumbrae Crafts moving into the ‘Old School Museum’ space, Garrison Café operating a Juice Bar and takeaway point from the unit currently occupied by Cumbrae Crafts and items from the Old School Museum being displayed within the Garrison House main building.                           JW has also received an enquiry from another member of the community to rent this space, also.  Discussions continued with the Board in relation also to the current space, off the courtyard, currently used by NAC for museum archives.  Further discussions to take place with NAC going forward.



4. Public Toilets


FINTRY BAY – blockage in pipework not cleared despite efforts by GS & SM so facilities will remain closed.  To consider the installation of new alkaline pipe would require two NAC Permits (one for road closure) – cost totalling £434 and a contractor for lifting and relaying the road and installing the pipe inland.

Enquiries made by GS to Scottish Water re a machine to detect where waterflow is blocked or have a probe to help identify. 


BOMB SHELTER – After DL brought to JW’s attention to door height at Bomb Shelter – further investigation has resulted in learning that the door height is not as was quoted on drawings which have been passed by NAC Planning Department.  Order for new Healthmatic door has been put on hold in the interim.




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