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Minutes of Board Meeting, 18.4.23 

Meeting opened at 19:30

Present: Deborah Ferris (DF), David Stevenson (DS), Stephen Dobbin (SD), Dianne Smith (DSm), Jensen Newton (JN), Doug Laidlaw (DL), Jan Wilkie (JW), Thomas Stevenson (TSLS)
Apologies: David Williamson (DW)
Minutes by TSLS

Last Meeting Minutes
Scott Watson CNI Project Update
Garrison House Repairs
West Lodge
Pit Stops
Bomb Shelter Toilets

Minutes of last meeting proposed by SD and seconded by JN

Scott Watson CNI Project Update
Rasaay CNI Project Meeting was a huge success. Scottish Government looking at hosting next project meeting on Cumbrae at the end of summer.
CNI Project extended for 12 months, with a capital and resource budget allocated directly to CCDC as local anchor organisation as opposed to going through Community Energy Scotland as it has done previously.
CDO visited Arran last week as part of the Green Islands Programme and met with representatives of Adler & Allan, Arran Eco Savvy, NAC, Community Energy Scotland and members of the Arran Community.
NatureScot will be visiting the island again in the near future, date TBC to discuss GH grounds and meet with other community organisations.
Community Climate Action Plan is in its final draft stages, CDO working through feedback from Scottish Government
At recent Island Plan Delivery Group meeting it was agreed that a smaller CNI working group would be set up with individuals knowledgeable in specific sectors.
CDO has provided feedback to various consultations on the island recently, including Local Transport & Active Travel Strategy
CDO attending the Global Island Finance Forum online conference this week, and will be attending Scottish Government offices, All Energy and DCarbonise events in Glasgow next month.

The Board provided feedback on the Grant Objectives and CDO planning documents provided by Scottish Government to be sent by CDO.

SD asked if CCDC need to directly claim expenses or if the money is just a lump sum grant.
SW explained that it must be claimed every month as of now but going forward the money will be given directly to CCDC – SW submitting a report to Govt. detailing funding usage.

JW spoke briefly on attachments provided to the Board re: the Cumbrae Community Council meeting with representatives from NAC about the Parking bylaw and quoted from John Riggins’ email; that it was “quite a cordial meeting to kick off discussions and will hopefully help set the tone moving forward. Obviously, nothing achieved that gives us quick results in reducing the fleets of campervans, but we have highlighted the issues and they will be looking at it.”

Garrison House Repairs
David Millar, David Williamson and JW met with Steven Scott & Iain Lamb of HES the morning of the 18th March. JW updated the board – the visit went well, we are now approaching the Arch 3 stage of application and still referring to original cost figure provided. A mobile tower is to be brought over to prepare test panels which will be received over the coming months; ZM Architecture have agreed to provide a price quote.
JW mentioned that the application submitted did not allow for that cost but as it goes forward HES hope that it could be added to the application and funding awarded accordingly. Their spokesperson was positive it would be allowed, but could not say for definite yet.

JW updated the Board on the application that she has been working on with NAC for Islands Programme Funding. It is to be submitted by Friday 21st April at noon.


West Lodge
The Board agreed with the fee for the rental of the old Cumbrae Radio Station space, to Energise. Costs to be reviewed after 12 months. This is being included within their lease once we are in receipt.

Pit Stops
At the last Island Plan / Steering Group Meeting JW learned that the three toilet blocks which have been highlighted in relation to the Pit Stop funding which has been carried forward to this financial year are the following: Crocodile Rock, Cumbrae Slip and Fintry Bay. She pointed out to Alan Hill that the cost of getting a water supply to the Fintry Public Toilets was estimated at £79,000 prior to COVID so could well have doubled since then and that would seriously make a dent into the funding for Cumbrae (£540,000 between Arran & Cumbrae).  He took this on-board, but JW has not heard anything to date from NAC beyond the confirmation of the sites highlighted.

JW updated the Board on the Crocodile Rock defibrillator – the unit installed here is an old design and Doug McArthur has tried to source parts which would allow for a box with the alarm and fan (cables in place) for the unit.  This sadly has not been possible and a new box to house the defib will be quite expensive. JW asked whether the Board wished to proceed with this or wait until we have clarification re the Pit Stop funding.
JN proposed just purchasing the box now.
SD asked if we [CCDC] will we get retrospective funding for it?
JW replied that she has no idea. If CCDC spent the money it is likely to be our expense.
SD added to JN’s proposal, saying that we ought to purchase the box now and apply for retrospective funding, and if we don’t get it, it’s a small expense at the end of the day.
DL agreed, adding that it was bad for the island’s image having a defib box that’s not connected to anything.
JN went on, saying that it’s lifesaving equipment, I don’t see why we would not get grant funding for it, and even if we don’t, we need it done in time for summer.
DSm seconds JN.
DF agrees.
The Board elected to purchase the box presently and apply for an expenses grant as SD proposed.

Bomb Shelter Toilets
The new pipework is in place. 
We are waiting for John Benson (McLaughlin’s Foreman) to return to work later this week, for him to remove lead which is stored within the block and All Kleen can then carry out a deep clean and we can get the block opened to the public.  The pipes still need boxed in; Stephen McNair hopes to get that done this week but has said the block can open without this having been completed if necessary. JW asked are the Board happy with that or do they wish the pipework to be boxed in prior to opening and signage put back up?

DF began by asking simply does it look bad?
DSm added is it going to be boxed in eventually?
JW answered yes to both.
DSm asked how obvious are the pipes? Better to be safe and box the pipes before they open
SD agreed.
The Board would like the pipes boxed before the block is opened to the public.

The meeting took a break from CCDC business at 19:45 and discussed other business before returning to the CCDC meeting at 20:14 to discuss the AGM.

JW updated the Board on the AGM plans as they stand.
SD was happy to chair the meeting.
DF as Chairwoman to read the chairperson’s report.
SD would like 10-15 minutes report on CNI proceedings from SW at the AGM.
There was a short discussion on the Calendar theme by DSm & DF.
SD proposed they leave out sourcing a photo for December and have a picture of the Festive Garrison as the December image. To be discussed further at subsequent meetings.

CCDC business concluded at 20:21.

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