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Cumbrae Community Development Company

Minutes of Board Meeting 27/6/23


Meeting opened at 19:00


Present: David Stevenson DS, David Williamson DW, Doug Laidlaw DL, Dianne Smith DSm, Jensen Newton JN, Scott Watson SW, Jan Wilkie JW, Thomas Stevenson TSLS

Apologies – Deborah Ferris DF, Stephen Dobbin SD



Last Meeting’s Minutes

CNI Report

EV Charge Points





September Weekend Ceilidh



Approval of last meeting’s minutes - DS proposed, DW seconded.


CNI Report

Funding submitted and approved by ScotGov for batch of In-Home Energy monitors.

Scott booked onto Carbon Accounting courses with GHG Management Institute and Northumbria University to allow for local business carbon audits.

Representing Cumbrae on the Scottish Islands Federation Decarbonisation Working Group.

Cabinet Secretary visit went very well. Cumbrae Community Climate Action Plan now published on ScotGov website etc… and a visit to Jack’s Alt Stays was also included.

Proposal received for Solar PV, Battery and upgraded heating system at Millport Bowling Club. Working with the club on whether this is suitable for them.

Eco4Flex scheme continues to operate on the island with the work on the first houses due to start any time.

Aquaterra currently conducting an extensive GIS mapping exercise of all CNI islands. Results expected later in the year.


DW asked re cost of electric car charging unit.
SW replied: do not have a lot of knowledge but what he will say generally speaking EV charge points are an absolute nightmare to operate privately on the island and elsewhere due to rising costs. Don’t know the background on it.

JW added as explanation; referring to costs described previously: electricity costs, not installation costs.


EV Charge Points

JW shared with the Board pricing on CCDC’s own EV charge points based on discussion with Citrus Energy. Final figure not decided yet but the Board had general discussion on fees, discussing based on local example the Parish Church.

JW will research and come back to it.




Enquiry received from an On Your Bike employee. – Would the Board be willing to allow him to have his motorhome on our site, 3 days per week for the next 3 months at a reduced cost?  This is to save him having to travel back and forth for work and queue constantly.  JW explained there are some weekends already booked out but he is happy to work around this.

Board decision: any days around what we can do.

Board decided on reducing pricing of £16.

JW go back to him with £16 and see what he says.


During the installation of the new BT infrastructure at the Town Hall, this road will be closed for approx. one week.  A vague date of 24 July has been mentioned but this is still to be confirmed by NAC.  Angie will keep us in the loop and TSLS will make our motorhome users aware once dates are confirmed.




JW spoke on smoke alarms prices. This information could be shared with the gentleman from NAC re the Pit Stop Funding and we do nothing now ourselves or we proceed as there has already has been an issue in Bomb Shelter?  Alternatively, we install smoke alarms only in the Bomb Shelter for now and make NAC aware and share costs of other two blocks.

DSm opinon that it is best to share the cost, see if they put it under their funding.

JN thinks more expedient to just do the bomb shelter so that we can be seen to be making our own strides.

Board decision – Pass all information on to NAC regardless of what CCDC do.

JW will discuss with CMAL regarding an update on the toilets.



DSm share it with SD and let JW know.



JW has made Scott Ferris aware that the Victorian lamp post by the Newton Shed will not be affected by the Flood Defence work so will not need to be moved. She confirmed with him that, if required, we can provide a space within the grounds for the planters on a temporary basis, if Mackley’s wish them moved.  In relation to IoCTA using the reception area within GH for a Tourist Information Desk. – It is envisaged that the space will be used June – September and manned four days per week but this is to be confirmed by the IoCTA Committee.


September Weekend Ceilidh

JW asked if the Board could advise if they wish to continue to fund this event?  Cost wise – for the booking of the hall, events insurance, Stewart or Matthew Cape’s time, Catering and thank you gifts to Margaret Allan & Jan Sommers.  Last year this cost us £266.90 and there would have been approx. £40 on top of that had JW not served the teas & coffees etc. as Café staff were not available. 

Helping last year meant JW being there from 8pm – 10pm and then being back there to ensure the building was emptied and locked up properly as let only until midnight.  JW’s belief is that had she not been there it would have gone on longer and that is CCDC responsibility insurance wise. 

DW suggested we hand it over to IoCTA

DSm asked is it not likely to be the town hall’s responsibility going forward? Should we bring them on board?

DL agreed with DW.

DS backed DW, but added that we make this year the last one though, and we don’t just drop the event apropos of nothing.

Board agreement with DS and DW.

JW to make Scott Ferris of IoCTA aware.




Following up re the weeds on the external, front, perimeter wall at Garrison House and re the issue of bird’s mess down the walls/shelter from them being on the lamp posts in the area.  JW spoke with NAC and they have duly dealt with the matter of the weeds and have added to their next meeting’s agenda, to discuss spokes for the top of the lamp posts to deter birds from landing there.  JW awaits a response from the Roads & Lighting department but will take a note to follow up on.


CCDC business ended 19:57

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