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Board minutes (Zoom meeting) – 30.06.2020

Present: SD, DW, DL, JW & GUEST


Minutes form Zoom Meeting held 25.6.20 – Approved by:  DL     Seconded by: DW


Steven Rieley (NAC Business Team) contacted to ask if additional funding could be provided to allow us more time with Business Consultant Liz Metin who has been working with us on our new Business Plan which was put on hold due to Covid 19. – JW waiting for word back from Liz as to how much additional time she feels we would benefit from having.

Fintry Bay toilets – Blockage appears clear but water availability is weather dependent on how much rain we have in the spring.  JW has spoken with Fintry Bay Café owner and will provide update next week as to whether we see these public toilets opening in the near future.  JW proposed and those present happy, that if these toilets can’t be opened, CCDC make a donation of consumables, as a good will gesture, to Fintry Bay Café to help with demand for their facilities.

JW and DW to liaise re. the Scottish Government document issued re. public toilets.  DW, having read through document to visit all sites and assess requirements.  Enquiry was received from CalMac through a seasonal staff member as to whether Cumbrae Slip toilets were closed due to lack of funds or re. Covid 19.  At present, the Board confirmed they are closed due to Covid 19 and this information was to be fed back.  JW explained that she has also contacted Alan Hill and NAC to enquire about additional funding being made available to support the opening & running of the public toilets.  Directors decided that no further information or request for assistance to go to CalMac at present.

JW let the Board know that she had gone back to NAC having liaised with Directors, informing them that CCDC were happy for the moorings to be laid for this summer.  NAC currently reviewing.


JW made the Board aware that CCDC are to receive a very generous donation of £1000 towards the running/maintenance costs of the public toilets from IoCTA.   Scott Ferris (chairperson) & the IoCTA Committee had been contacted with a view to ‘sponsoring a toilet block’.  Scott explained to JW that the committee were happy to make a donation this year but would not be in a position to guarantee a regular figure being donated going forward, especially in light of Covid 19. Scott said they would e-mail confirmation of their donation in due course.

JW raised the question as to whether we can get back to All Kleen re. their quote in relation to the deep cleaning and subsequent cleaning of those units open for 4 weeks?  The Board felt we need to hold off until we know where we are in relation to timescale and work required in the units before we can confirm with All Kleen.

Cleaning Technicians – discussion took place re those persons JW had spoken with in relation to zero hours contracts for working within the MHAL apartments, assisting BC, and the cleaning of the Public Toilets – which one’s tbc.  JW to speak with those who have shown interest to ascertain their availability.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05pm

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