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CCDC minutes 31/1/23


Present: David Stevenson DS, Dave Williamson DW, Doug Laidlaw DL, Deborah Ferris DF, Jensen Newton JN, Stephen Dobbin SD, Thomas Stevenson TS, Jan Wilkie JW, Scott Watson (CNI)


CCDC open 1904


Previous Minutes approved by DW, seconded DF


Scott Watson presented his updates on Carbon Neutral Islands and his work as Community Development Officer.

He made a request to the Board for MHAL & toilets energy usage data.

DW asked for clarification on a few matters – organisational concerns and land use data.

SD asked for information on CCDC data usage and the anonymity of such.

JN asked for information on ancillary organisations and contractors as well as timeframes.


Upon discussion with him, the Board were happy to share data with Scott for his use in this instance.

The Board also agreed to put forth a press release in relation to Carbon Neutral Islands programme, and asked JW to keep them appraised of the CNI project as it progresses.



WH Kirkwoods have vacated the West Lodge as of 20.1.23 and moved into the back of the Archive Space off the Courtyard.

They have been invoiced to cover the painting work required within the areas they used, staff costs and cleaning costs of all carpets they accessed and a deep clean in both bathrooms and the kitchen area.

This is currently a temporary location for them – they will be invoiced for the space every 4 weeks.

JW asked what would the board wish to charge for that space?
DW suggested we simply charge them the same as we charge currently.
DL agrees that we charge the same but adds that we wait and see if they appeal it, and negotiate further if they do.

DS & JN agree.


Energise have asked once they can access their second office (WH Kirkwood’s Foreman resided here), may they do the same with the flooring to be compliant with health & hygiene requirements? DF has no problems with this.

DW & DL agree.

Board happy for Energise to do their own flooring work.



Alan Cawley spoke with JW on 30.1.23 and explained that the Radio Station wish to move into MB’s old office within the West Lodge as they no longer need the larger space. Their lease runs out on 31.3.23.  Alan asked if the Board would consider a rent reduction for the smaller space.


JN in favour of reduction but conceded personal interest

DF commented that Radio Station need to make themselves more visible in the public eye.

DW stated that for a business or even a charitable concern, the rent is extremely low and if the radio station can’t cover such a figure they perhaps must reassess their position.

SD proposed that a 6 month reduction to £30 a week inclusive of VAT would be the best CCDC could offer.

DW in favour of that.

JN agrees more than reasonable. 



The panel in the West Lodge is no longer operational and replacement parts are no longer available. JW laid out the cost of a replacement unit. The Board were happy for JW to give the go-ahead for this to be done.



With regards to the internal wall repairs required due to water damage Paul Gregg has not presented a quote to JW as yet.

Would the Board prefer to wait for the quote or for JW to go to Paul and ask him to get started and invoice accordingly? Reason being Paul has prior knowledge of the building and has carried out repairs to the stonework on the Garrison House main building in the past.

JN, DW, DL, “get it done”

DS also

Board happy to just begin work without a quote.



Planning permission has been granted, but SSE have increased the projected cost by more than £5000 and further increases are expected on top of this figure.

JW will have more information later to take to HIE and see what they say; she will update the Board with her findings.



For information – the matter of damp marks appearing at Croc Rock block and the discussion as to whether to put in a heater or dehumidifier. – Stevie has found a cleaning material which is keeping this at bay, so JW has not looked at pricing heaters, especially as we still await info from NAC on the ‘Pit Stops for Cumbrae.’

Also, as asked at our last meeting by DS to look at public toilet income and expenditure:

For the period 1.4.22 – 14.1.23 income was £3,899.29 and expenditure £24,307.53 meaning a cost to CCDC of £20,408.24


DS reiterated that CCDC cannot afford to be losing £20k a year on public toilets.

DS & DW would both like NAC pit stop plan followed up on.

SD asked whether it may be a matter of going direct to the council with a request for public toilets funding assistance.

DW agreed. He went on that it ought to be the board members themselves who go, and added that it would be useful to update the community as well, publicise funding issues.

JW proposed stakeholders meeting/ open forum on where we are.



Fundraising Calendar for 2024 to be made up? Directors in favour of such a thing?

JN suggested a photo calendar in conjunction with Alan Cawley.

DS advised that Alan produces his own calendar and it is already available in shops. Not an option DF in favour of the concept of a CCDC calendar at the very least.

Themed? Millport – Nostalgic etc

Board would like to look at having a calendar made up. 


Can the Board members provide availability for a meeting with the harbour users group, as well as a date?

Sometime in March at the earliest - 1st Tuesday would be ideal.

DW & DS available.

In person meeting would be better than electronic – so best be within JW working hours.



JW read out quote from Graeme Smith and John Ross as no quote received from Eamon Goukan to date.

Reported that she still awaits a quote from McArthur’s as the price quoted by Graeme & John does not include electrics. Discussion on the water boilers. Board would like them to be replaced by the end of the month – DW, DS, DL all agree.

We also have to be mindful that we still need the Wi-Fi tested at our apartments so we know what we can put in to provide this service for our clients.

JW added that she is still waiting for a revised quote for the shower at Jura.

TS reported on discussions with NAC on classifying the flats for purposes of Short Term Let Licence – NAC classify 8 Quayhead as 5 individual properties within a single address and will expect us to apply for separate licences per contained apartment.


Long Let - we have been asked by a regular client of MHAL who works on Cumbrae frequently if we would consider a long let for him and his son in our Cumbrae apartment.  He is ideally looking for 3 months and we can do this with the exception of one weekend at the end of March.

The Board is happy to proceed with this at the same 25% + electricity usage price as used in prior long lets.




Meeting closed at 20:45

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