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Board minutes – 15th August 2016

1. Present

Stephen Dobbin (Chair); Alan Hill, Graeme Schreiber, Kelly Norton, Scott Watson, Christine McCulloch (Vice-Chair); Douglas Kerr, Bob Campbell, Davy Stevenson, John McNeilly and CEO, Michael Bertram

2. Apologies


3. Agenda confirmed  

  1. Present

  2. Apologies

  3. Minutes of last meeting

  4. Matter arising

  5. Financial report

  6. CEO report

  7. AOCB

  8. DONM

Minutes of last meeting

Proposed – Davy Stevenson.  

Seconded – Bob Campbell.


4. Matters arising

CEO advised that Directors had contacted him to place matters on the agenda. Chair advised that this was in order.  


Director Bob Campbell asked if we could raise the issue of moorings and the use of showers. Chair advised that this item should be raised under AOCB.   


4.1 Fuel Facility


CEO advised the Board Directors that once again Cllr Alex Gallacher had brought up the matter of a community owned and managed fuel facility for Millport in the local newspapers.


CEO added that GHCL Directors had discussed this and felt that it would be beneficial if the new Directors on the CCDC were aware of the situation and once gain discussed the proposal to site a fuel facility within the Garrison Grounds.


General discussion took place around the merits and demerits of the council research proposals, and the various sites on the island that had all declined the offer of a fuel facility within their grounds.


Further discussion took place on how much space a tanker would need to deliver fuel to the Garrison Grounds; how we would pay for the fuel (in advance); potential for sales and staffing. 


Resolution 1:  That CEO inform council that our position remains that we would support any group who wished to test the feasibility of a fuel facility, but it would be located within the Garrison Grounds.

4.2 Council toilets and halls


CEO advised the Board Directors that the CEO had three meetings with council officials and we only have short window of opportunity to develop our business plan.  


General discussion took place around the merits and demerits of the council offer for CCDC to take on the responsibility of managing the halls and toilets on the island.


CEO was mandated to continue discussions with council, and advised that here were three main conditions to be agreed upon with council, namely:


  • That we receive a substantial revenue grant to cover our loss of rent and to cover all associated costs to managing the halls.

  • That we also receive a capital grant of £60,000 to put towards a building costs budget for new toilets and also refurbishment of existing toilets on the island.

  • That we negotiate for council to replace all their ageing tables and chairs, prior to handing over to CCDC.

Resolution 2:  That CEO inform council that our position is that we will consider taking toilets and the halls subject to our pre-conditions being met; namely that we are adequately compensated by means of a revenue grant, a capital grant and that the land attached to the toilets is included in the asset transfer.


4.3 Sale of MHAL property – flat ‘Bute’.


CEO advised that he had sent out an information sheet to all Directors advising them that we have a firm inquiry on purchasing the flat.

General discussion took place around the merits and demerits of the selling and reinvesting into the other MHAL flats.


Resolution 3:  That ‘R. Duff and Co’ continue to manage the sale of property on behalf of CCDC.


5. Financial report

Chairperson presented July’s financial statements and took the Directors through the most salient points of the financials. No queries were raised. 


Proposed – Davy Stevenson.

Seconded – Kelly Norton.


Resolution 4: July’s financial statements were adopted.


6. CEO Report


CEO advised the Board Directors that were several items that required discussion and decisions; and he again apologised for the amount of paperwork that he had emailed to Directors for prior reading.  

The Chairperson advised the CEO to proceed with these items.

CEO advised that we had covered the islands toilets and halls management under matters arsing that he would not touch on that item.


6.1 Millport Economic Regeneration Action Plan (MERAP)

CEO advised that he had also sent out the full MERAP report and highlighted that on page 18 the report referred to the Garrison House Estates Plan. 

CEO added that he had also included a copy of the council tender document in the Board pack for prior reading.

There were no questions of clarity on the report nor the tender document.

CEO thanked North Ayrshire Council for their assistance in making the funds available through the Millport Economic Regeneration Action Plan.

6.2 Care Home and Frail Care Centre for Millport.

CEO advised that he had several meetings with the Elderly Forum who wish to build a frail care centre and new homes for the elderly in Millport.

CEO added that one of the possible locations was within the Garrison House grounds.


The CEO asked Director Doug Kerr to provide more detailed overview of the project and any non-sensitive feedback at this stage to his fellow board directors. 


General discussion took place around the merits and demerits of the project, and it was agreed that Director Doug Kerr would provide more information, as and when it became available. 


6.1 Multi-Purpose Sports & Leisure Community Centre.

CEO advised that he had several discussions with Sports Scotland officials and had a follow up planned for Friday, 19th August.

There were no questions of clarity on the report the CEO had provided prior to the meeting.

The Chair asked the CEO to continue with his report.

6.2 West Lodge – Current lease.

CEO advised that he had several discussions with the current leaseholder and it was the CEO recommendations that due to persistent late payments that we sever our lease with the current tenant, Complete Solutions (FM) Ltd; which is owned by Mr. Neil Gallacher. 

Resolution 5:  That CEO inform Mr. Neil Gallacher that Complete Solutions (FM) Ltd, must vacant the premises within 5 working days.  


​6.3 Scottish Heritage Angel Awards

CEO advised the Board that he has nominated the CCDC Board for a heritage award.

CEO explained that this award, if successful, would recognise the efforts of the original Board of Directors in restoring the Garrison House to its current position as an essential asset for the island of Cumbrae, its residents and our visitors.


The Chair stated that he was pleased that we had make this application, and this was endorsed by all concerned.

6.5 Garrison House repairs

CEO also provided Directors with report on the ‘status quo’ with repairs and Historic Environmental Scotland involvement.

CEO advised that we are still working with Historic Environmental Scotland (HES) towards securing a larger repair grant; as the quantum of works is far higher than we anticipated when we initially applied and secured a grant of £16,400.

CEO added this is due to an on-site investigation from HES architect, Mr. Ian Lambie and has now agreed that we will be needing a significant amount of repairs.

CEO stated that as per his report;

  • HES agree that this will be a multi-year project until the remedial works are fixed;

  • HES also agreed that the cost will be far greater than we first anticipated;

  • CCDC will need to source our own professional consultant, have advised to get an architect; and

  • CCDC will then need to re-submit a new claim based on the professional advice.



Director Bob Campbell asked if he could raise the issue of moorings and the use of showers.

The Chairperson advised the Director Campbell to proceed with these items.

Director Campbell stated that he was still getting loads of requests from those visitors using the moorings for shower facilities, and wanted to know what the current situation with the football club. 


CEO advised that we are still in discussions with Millport AFC with respect to putting a new lease in place.

General discussion took place around the use of this facility for visiting yachts people.

The Chair stated that he would like to suggest that the CEO try and finalise the lease as a matter of priority.

Meeting closed at 19.40.


8. DONM – 12th September 2016.    


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