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Strategic Aim 3

To maximise the potential for social, cultural and economic growth



To achieve growth we must maximise our capacity, not only increasing our available product (more markets, more attractions and more beds) but also use our existing capacity better through improved collaboration).




We must do more to demonstrate the value of the ‘visitor economy’, locally and nationally, to ensure that the industry is well supported politically and financially to maximise investment from the private sector.We must ensure that our major economic infrastructure projects take account of the needs of visitors, and that we clearly identify priorities for tourism related investment. 




Arguably, viewed as either your greatest strength or weakness!We must continue to work in partnership across all industry sectors to maximise the use of available resources aligned to development and support the Island’s aspiration for sustainable growth.   




We must support the industry’s SME and entrepreneurs to recognise growth potential and develop their capacity to realise their potential by highlighting access to financial support, training and capacity development. 




We must support opportunities to develop our range and volume of products and services for residents and visitors. This will include new attractions and better packaging of existing opportunities.Opportunities such as team building, incentive tourism, meetings, conferences and events; will ease seasonality.     We also need to continue to lobby for, and secure, external funding, notably European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Heritage Lottery Funds, Arts Council, Regional Growth Funds and any other external funding which can assist in the future development of growth for the residents and visitors of this island.        




We will track the potential capital investments and monitor the performance of our attractions and accommodation sectors.  We will also renew our strategic partnerships and networks, facilitate and monitor support for SMEs.

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